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lien Muse Questionnaire

22.07.1999 - 13:33 UTC+0 // Source : // Thanks : Matthew George

The chaps have been kind enough to answer a few rather unorthodox questions (I get sick of all those interviewers asking the same things), the answers to which you can find below;

Christian, Agnostic, Atheist or other?
Matt: undecided
Dom: undecided
Chris: don`t really know yet

What instruments can you play?
Matt: keyboards, guitar, voice, clarinet? percussion, loads of stuff
Dom: drums, bit of guitar
Chris: guitar, basses, drums, keyboard

What's the best album of all time?
Matt: greatest hits or something - simon and garfunkel
Dom: haven`t heard it yet
Chris: aftertaste - helmet

What are your 5 favourite bands of all time?
Matt: primus, nirvana, jeff buckley, deftones, rage against the machine
Dom : limp bizkit, radiohead, pavement, deus, smashing pumpkins
Chris: helmet, korn, deftones, beach boys, nirvana

What qualifications did you get at school?
Matt: A* for drama, mostly B`s and C`s and the odd D
Dom: A* for art, as above
Chris: A* music, as above

How did it feel to be working with a guy who worked on "Dark side of the moon", "the Stone Roses", "The Bends", etc.? Intimidating?
Matt: not intimidating, he`s very mellow...
Dom: good
Chris: nice

What motivates you?
Matt: the search for spiritual enlightenment, and money, women etc
Dom: to be happy
Chris: porn

What makes you laugh?
Matt: harry hill
Dom: wren and stimpy
Chris: cheap gags

School days are the best days of our lives. Discuss!
Matt: no, it bored me... it`s all bad sex, cheap drinks and terrible teaching methods.
Dom: yes, i reckon they are because you don`t have the stresses of money, career etc
Chris: no.. not at all, it was fucking shit

Is there any 1 TV programme you simply can't miss?
Matt: no
Dom: hardocore non-stop in hotels in germany
Chris: only fools and horses

What's the best gig you've ever seen?
Matt: either primus (see below) or rage against the machine (reading 1996) also saw half of the jeff buckley set at reading 1994, very impressive
Dom: primus at brixton academy, june 1997
Chris: helmet 1997 suppoting korn in newport

What's the best gig you've played, so far?
Matt: Paris, new morning, monday 12th July
Dom: cavern exeter, 26th june?
Chris: glastonbury 1999

Who would you most like to kick the shit out of?
Matt: no one you know
Dom: bernard manning
Chris: no one you know

Do you feel any pressure to try and sound "less Radiohead"?
Matt: no
Dom: no
Chris: no

What's your drink of choice?
Matt: champagne
Dom: JD and coke
Chris: Tetleys bitter

What do you miss most when you're touring in UK or abroad?
Matt: privacy
Dom: nothing
Chris: girlfriend and baby

The new Star Wars film: do you give a shit?
Matt: no
Dom: i read the book, it was disappointing
Chris: no

Where, in the grand scale of things, do you see Muse being in 5 years time?
Matt: rich
Dom: on top of the world
Chris: playing through nice big PAs

lien Muscle Museum, first single in the US

09.07.1999 - 16:28 UTC+0 // Source : // Thanks : -

point.gif "Muscle Museum" is scheduled to be released as the first single in the US. The next single in the UK will be Cave on September 6th.

lien Showbiz promo

05.07.1999 - 16:24 UTC+0 // Source : // Thanks : -

point.gif The promotional pack for the album, Showbiz, is currently being sorted out. Word is that it'll be highly collectable.