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lien The Resistance charts rankings

27.09.2009 - 22:26 UTC+0 // Source :

The new album got right number 1 in those 16 following countries: France, Belgium, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Italy, Holland, Norway, Southern Korea, Denmark, Germany, Mexico, Austria and Sweden.
It also got at a remarkable 3rd place in the USA.

lien Muse on the Music Week, BBC 6Music

24.09.2009 - 12:19 UTC+0 // Source : // Thanks : Tom, Music Week producer

Last sunday, BBC 6Music had an in-depth interview with Dom and Matt for the Music Week. You can listen to it here or download the podcast there (download only available until saturday the 27th).

lien Bad experiences with the (limited) boxsets

24.09.2009 - 10:33 UTC+0 // Source : // Thanks : Sam (Muse management)

Some people are having bad luck with their Limited Deluxe Edition Boxes from the official website all over the world. is aware of all those issues, they'll offer a replacement for United States of Eurasia who is corrupted on a few USB sticks on their website as soon as possible.

Moreover if your box has been damaged during its journey, you should be able to replace it, even if your box is a limited one. In fact, they didn't only produce 5000 boxsets, but 5250, in case of needed replacements (that explains why some of you may have had a box with a sticker containing a number superior to 5000, which is a mistake from the store, that they also propose to correct).

Please note that is doing its best to correct all the mistakes and the customer service team and the fulfillment people have been warned of what's happening.

lien Q awards and MTV EMAs nominations

22.09.2009 - 00:22 UTC+0 // Source :

Muse are nominated in 2 categories at this year's Q awards:

Best Track
Kasabian - Fire
Muse - Uprising
Arctic Monkeys - Crying Lightning
Dizzee Rascal - Bonkers
Noisettes - Never Forget You
Lily Allen - The Fear
Best Act In The World Today
Kings Of Leon
Arctic Monkeys

You can vote here.
The ceremony will be held on the 26th of October at Grosvenor House, Park Lane, London.

The band is also nominated for an award at the MTV European Music Awards:

Best Alternative
The killers
The prodigy

You can vote here.
The ceremony will be held on the 5th of November at the O2 World Arena, Berlin, Germany.

lien Muse in the new Twilight movie

21.09.2009 - 20:09 UTC+0 // Source : // Thanks : loopy-lou-xox

According to

Speaking to Zane Lowe the group revealed that they’ve recently spoken to the film’s director Chris Weitz about recording a new version of a song from their album The Resistance.

Singer Matt Bellamy revealed: “I spoke to the director yesterday (and) he wants the track I Belong To You, the sort of vaudeville piano track.

“He wants a rendition of that but the only thing with the new film is they want the songs to be exclusive to the film. So he’s asking if I mind doing, or if we mind doing an alternative version of it.”

Asked if they were up for it Matt said: “I think it’s alright- if it was one of the main tracks on the album I would never do it. But it’s actually one of the weirder tracks on the album.

“(It’s) one of the can’t believe we got away with it kind of tracks. I think it might be worth giving it a go cos it’s a track that might not get played live very often… one of the obscure tracks off the album so it might give that track some life that it wouldn’t have otherwise.”

lien Quelli Che Il Calcio - TV 2009

20.09.2009 - 20:24 UTC+0 // Source :

Back in 2006, Muse lip-synched Supermassive Black Hole, followed by an interview in this Italian show. The band came back this morning to the show to "perform" Uprising, always in playback, but this time the band members swapped their places. If you fancy seeing Dom on the mic and on the bass, Chris on the guitar and on the synth and Matt on the drums, followed by a Dom interview, please head to our video gallery.

lien Uprising music video

18.09.2009 - 00:35 UTC+0 // Source :

As of today the long-awaited video for The Ressiance's first single is at last available on our video gallery or in our promo videos page.

lien Muse live on KROQ

14.09.2009 - 19:27 UTC+0 // Source : // Thanks : RB

After their triumphant VMA appearance (soon available on, Muse appeared this morning on LA's KROQ Breakfast live from New York. They answered fan questions and played some songs from last night gig. You can listen to it here.

lien New bootlegs

12.09.2009 - 21:56 UTC+0 // Source :

New bootlegs are now available on the "download" section starting with the private show from last week : Admiralspalast, Berlin, Germany.

lien Listen to Resistance

09.09.2009 - 15:26 UTC+0 // Source : // Thanks : Laurent

There is now the 2nd track off The Resistance available to full listening in streaming on the official website, here.
You have to be logged in to listen to the whole song.

lien Listen to Undisclosed Desires

07.09.2009 - 21:10 UTC+0 // Source : // Thanks :

You can listen to The Resistance's 3rd track on the official website in streaming here.

lien Teignmouth gig broadcast

04.09.2009 - 17:01 UTC+0 // Source : // Thanks :

With Zane Lowe opening for tommorrow's gig at The Den, Radio 1 will be covering the event. The radio will broadcast the best bits from the the 2nd night on monday 7th in Muse Night, a 5-hour-programme also featuring interviews of the band, a look back on their career and more.

You can listen to Radio 1 by following this link.