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lien Muse to play South America this summer

12.06.2008 - 12:49 UTC+0 // Source :

Muse have confirmed three more South American tour dates this summer in Brazil with gigs in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Brazilia.

Here are all the south american cities Muse are hitting this summer :

16.07.2008 Arena Monterrey, Monterrey, Mexico
18.07.2008 Auditorio Telmex, Zapopan, Mexico
20.07.2008 Palacio de los Deportes, Bogotá, Colombia
24.07.2008 Teatro Grand Rex, Buenos Aires, Argentina
26.07.2008 Teatro Caupolican, Santiago, Chile
30.07.2008 Vivo Rio, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
31.07.2008 HSBC Brazil, Sao Paulo, Brazil
02/08/2008 Porao do Rock Festival, Brazilia, Brazil

lien Muse on Twitter

02.06.2008 - 18:43 UTC+0 // Source :, Official Boards

As there was an overwhelmingly positive response to our recent question about whether you would like to hear from the band more often, we have decided to test something out...

Now, we realise that in the social networking poll only 1 of you voted for Twitter as your favourite site, but we think it could be a pretty cool way to keep you more regularly updated, so we'd like to see how many of you would like to hear from us through it.

Basically, Twitter is an application that allows us to communicate short messages to you in a multitude of ways. You can look at the messages online at, you can add the feed to your facebook account, you can have them pop up on your desktop as alerts via IM or another programme called Alert Thingy (I know, bad name, we didn't come up with it) and, perhaps most interestingly, you can get these messages delivered direct to your mobile phone.

Twitter doesn't charge you anything to sign up to its service nor to receive the text messages from us (although to be completely sure, you might want to check with your mobile phone operator to make sure they don't deduct the text messages you receive from your total allowance or anything like that).

So, if you want to be one of our followers, you need to do the following:

1. Go to and register.
2. Go to and click on the Follow button underneath the picture of the band.
3. If you want to add the feed to your Facebook account, go to, search for Twitter in the applications and click on Add Application. Then, when you click on it in your applications all the messages from the people you are following will be displayed.
4. If you want to get updates via IM or your mobile phone, go to the Devices tab in Settings in your Twitter account and follow the instructions to add a mobile phone or IM account.
5. If you want to stop receiving the text messages to your phone, reply to one of the messages with the word off.

That's it, fairly simple. We will start sending out some messages and you can let us know what you think of the whole system on this thread. We thought we'd start out by giving you some live updates from Rock In Rio next Friday so make sure you're signed up by then if you want to hear what the band is up to!


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