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lien Christmas present from Muse...

24.12.2007 - 11:25 UTC+0 // Source :


(Unintended Live Wembley)

lien Muse praise Radiohead

23.12.2007 - 15:53 UTC+0 // Source : - NME // Thanks : Samuel

Records companies are becoming useless, claims Dom Howard. Muse have applauded Radiohead’s pay-want-you-want release for ’In Rainbows’ claiming the move will make record labels useless.

The Oxford band allowed fans to decide how much they wanted to pay for the download release of their last album, for a limited time. A physical CD is released on December 31.

Dominic Howard, drummer with the Devon trio, praised Thom Yorke and co for daring to be different, declaring that the move could spell big changes for the music industry.

“They’re (Radiohead) unsigned which means they are in a different position to us, so they can do whatever the hell they want it’s cool they did,” he told The Mirror.

“Bands are constantly thinking of the best ways to release music and a band like that doing it on their own shakes up the record companies and helps them realise that they are gradually becoming more and more useless,” added Howard.

“It’s a great time for music and a great time for bands, but not for the record companies.”

lien Happy holidays in video

22.12.2007 - 18:26 UTC+0 // Source :

Some new videos from the Back Hold and Revelations Tour have been added on MuseTV (Playlist 2). Big Day out 2007, Fuji Rock Festival, Benicassim Festival, Summer Sonic 2006... We hope you will spend some nice holidays, see you next year.

Microcuts Team.

lien KROQ Almost Acoustic Live Webcast

07.12.2007 - 21:35 UTC+0 // Source : // Thanks : Pablo

Every year since 1991, it's the most talked about concert in Southern California. This year see what the buzz is all about! The KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas...Catch it in the AT&T blue room.

Don’t miss the LIVE webcast featuring bands like Linkin Park, Angles and Airwaves, Muse, Feist, Jimmy Eat World, Modest Mouse, Avenged Sevenfold, Bad Religion, Paramore, Silversun Pickups, Rise Against, Spoon, Serj Tankian and The Shins.

Muse will be broadcasted on Sunday, December 9th at 9:55 (P.S.T.) here.

lien Chris on the DVD

06.12.2007 - 19:00 UTC+0 // Source :, Rock Mag

In this month's french magazine Rock Mag features a Chris interview given before the Sydney gig. He confirms that Warner wanted the new DVD out before Christmas but the band didn't want to rush it so that's the reason why it's been delayed. He also says they wish to release it through one format only, which means not even a special edition with a bonus track for Japan. He mentions the documentary aswell. Chris says it'll be a serious and at least 1 hour long documentary about Wembley preparation and their life on the road.

Chris confesses too his two 2007 highlights were the Klaxons' first album and the Vegoose festival, mostly because they opened for Rage against the machine.