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lien New single is Invincible

23.02.2007 - 10:32 UTC+0 // Source : -

The new single will be Invincible! Released on April 9th, b-side and formats will be confirmed shortly. The video is coming together nicely, the talented Jonnie Ross is in charge and taking it on a journey.

lien Global Climate Awareness gigs

15.02.2007 - 17:09 UTC+0 // Source : - Xfm

Muse have confirmed that there will be a series huge Global Climate Awareness concerts taking place acorss the world in July, and that they themselves have been invited to play.

Rumours of a number of massive gigs being staging later this year have been circulating around the industry ever since former US Vice President eco-campaigner Al Gore organised a conference with many of the heads of the UK record industry in London last week.

During the meeting he was rumoured to have asked for the support of some of the biggest bands in the world, asking them to play a series of gigs to raise awareness of global warming.

Now Muse have confirmed that the event will be taking place, and they’re amongst the bands who’ve been approached to play. Speaking to Xfm drummer Dom Howard explained,

“We’ve been asked yes, there gonna something happening, some big global gig. Apparently it’s gonna happen.

“I don’t know whether anyone is supposed to know about it, but it happening in seven continents, around the world, all on the seventh [of July] in 24 hours, and there’s going to be loads of band playing. That all I know.”

And with that, the cat was well and truly hurled out of the bag.

When asked if Muse would like to take part in the event, singer Matt Bellamy added, “We’re thinking about it, there’s an issue, we’ll see how it goes. We’ve got a gig on that same day, in Ireland you see, so we need to work out if we can make it or not. That’s basically what it depends on.”

Other stars rumoured to be playing include U2, The Spice Girls, The Police, Oasis, Robbie Williams, Radiohead, Keane, Kylie Minogue and Coldplay and the venue for the London leg of the event is rumoured to be the newly constructed Wembley Stadium.

lien Brits Awards 2007 results

14.02.2007 - 20:09 UTC+0 // Source :,

Tonight Muse won the Best Live act but the Arctic Monkeys won the Best British Group and Best British Album where Muse were also nominated.

lien Ask Matt stuff

12.02.2007 - 15:19 UTC+0 // Source : - Tom Kirk

"Matt Bellamy will be the subject of the next An Audience With... in UNCUT magazine. He'll be answering questions from you lot! So, is there anything you've always wanted to ask Matt..? The more interesting the question, the better, though no doubt they will be random and perverse if your previous record is anything to go by. Email your questions to by Wednesday, February 14."

lien Muse for the first time in Poland

06.02.2007 - 09:46 UTC+0 // Source : - // Thanks : cynamon

Muse have confirmed their presence for Heineken Open'er Festival in Gdynia (Poland), Babie Doly Airfield on 29th June (Friday), 30th June (Saturday), 1st July (Sunday). More info:

lien [up] 'Black Holes And Revelations' rerelease

03.02.2007 - 19:35 UTC+0 // Source :

On the back of their recent sold-out shows and their Big Day Out appearance, MUSE are set to release a limited edition of their latest album, Black Holes And Revelations, which now includes a DVD. The DVD features the 3 videos from the singles off this album plus spectacular live footage of the band performing the hit songs from the album. The CD is due to be released on February the 19th in Australia and on February the 21st in Japan.

Featuring mind-blowing live footage from Paris, Wembley arena and the absolutely awe inspiring "Laser Performance" from the recent European MTV Awards, this version of the album is a must have for all fans of the band, those that missed out on the shows here and anyone that wants to see what sort of a show one of the world's leading bands put on.

The tracklisting for the DVD is:

1. Supermassive Black Hole - Video
2. Starlight - Video
3. Knights Of Cydonia - Video
4. Supermassive Black Holes - Live From Paris
5. Starlight - Live Laser Performance at European MTV Awards
6. Knights Of Cydonia - Live From Wembley

You can buy this item at or Cd-Wow