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lien Audio interview about the new album

31.03.2006 - 18:42 UTC+0 // Source :

31.03.2006 interviewed Muse in Amsterdam. "We spoke to the whole band Muse about their new album. The album has no name yet, but will be out in June 2006. Toazted spoke to the three gentlemen in a nice hotel in Amsterdam. The guys explain how the album is going to sound. Singer Matthew explains his lyrical content and tells lots of stories about the recording process and more! Recorded in March 2006."


lien Helen Kirk Foundation

30.03.2006 - 21:19 UTC+0 // Source : Herald Express -

International rock supergroup Muse have volunteered to back a new South Devon charity helping local schoolchildren on the road to artistic fame.

The band, who grew up in Teignbridge, are the new patrons of The Helen Foundation, set up in memory of their friend Helen Kirk, 24, from Shaldon, who was killed in a Boxing Day car crash.

Helen's mother Annie said: "The boys in Muse knew Helen well and loved her a lot and this was because of their friendship with her. They had already given a donation to the foundation but they wanted to do more and we were so delighted when they put themselves forward as patrons."

A spokesman for Muse, who are currently in Norway promoting their forthcoming album, said: "Muse are very proud of their Teignbridge roots, and recognise that the area has much artistic talent to be uncovered."

Helen's brother Tom, who works for Muse, said: "The band really wanted to show their backing for what the Helen Foundation represents, because they had a lot of assistance from the Prince's Trust which helped them buy their first musical equipment and get them started when they were still students at Teignmouth Community College."

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lien Promo, Mtv article

30.03.2006 - 20:40 UTC+0 // Source : // Thanks : A

Muse is currently across Europe to promote their upcoming LP and meet the medias.

Here is the first article by MTV:
Muse Hope Fans Aren't Too Shocked By 'Genre-Morphing' New LP

Many bands will tell you that, long before they head into the studio to start recording a new album, they'll test the waters a bit. Maybe they'll experiment with exotic instrumentation, tinker with different musical styles and challenge the overall direction of the sound they've already established — ideally without alienating their fanbase.

Over the years, Muse fans have come to expect the band to push the proverbial envelope. And the thunderous British rock trio have abided, consistently expanding their sonic reach and releasing LPs that pull from diverse influences including Radiohead, Black Sabbath and Queen.

But even Muse's most adventurous fans might be surprised by the group's forthcoming LP, which was recorded in New York last October with Rich Costey (Franz Ferdinand, Cave In).

"The diversity of the album and some of the directions we've discovered and gone for might shock [our fans] in some way," drummer Dominic Howard explained (see "Muse Plan More Upbeat Follow-Up To Melancholy Absolution"). "Hopefully, it will be a nice shock — ultimately all of them sound like Muse. We reached a point where we were looking at all these songs and how different they sounded, and we were wondering how this was ever going to sound like a band, like one album. But somehow it really does."

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lien Muse to play Lowlands 2006

30.03.2006 - 16:24 UTC+0 // Source : - // Thanks : Trebbor

De krant Spits meldde gisterochtend, dat Muse een van de grote namen zal zijn op Lowlands 2006. Drummer van de band Muse, Dominic Howard, heeft dit een van de Spits journalisten toevertrouwd in een interview met de gratis in heel Nederland gedistribueerde krant.

"The newspaper Spits said yesterdaymorning (29-3) that Muse will be one of the headlines for Lowlands 2006 (august, 18-19-20). Drummer Dominic Howard said this in an interview with the dutch newspaper." confirmed it too.

lien Muse to support depeche mode

29.03.2006 - 16:05 UTC+0 // Source : -

Muse have been invited to support Depeche Mode in Stockholm on 07 July, Sweden! This stadium show should be quite a night.

Depeche Mode - Stockholm Sweden - 07/07/2006
Muse support -

lien Release of the new album

27.03.2006 - 21:45 UTC+0 // Source : - muse official // Thanks : sp@ceh

"We are delighted to announce that the much anticipated new Muse album will be released worldwide on July 3rd! The north American release date will follow very closely behind. Check back soon for exclusive album title, track information and content!"

lien 3 confirmed tour dates

15.03.2006 - 15:35 UTC+0 // Source :

Southside Festival - Germany - (between Stuttgart and Konstanz) - 24/06/2006
Infos & Tickets:
International orders:

Hurricane Festival - Germany - (near Hamburg) - 25/06/2006
Infos & Tickets:
International orders:

Quart Festival - Norway - 08/07/2006
Day ticket costs NOK 470 and Festival pass (5 days) costs NOK 1685.

lien [UP] Information about the upcoming album

15.03.2006 - 15:15 UTC+0 // Source :

Muse is featured in NME this week, the article is available on the gallery. There are some information about the following new tracks :
A Soldier's Poem
Supermassive black hole
Kings of Cydonia

[Update] The release of the new album would be postponed to July.

lien Interview with Chris Wolstenholme

12.03.2006 - 03:21 UTC+0 // Source : Rockmag - // Thanks Sylvie for the transcript

Muse - RockMag Mars 2006 An interview of Chris is available in the last Rock mag (French Magazine). Here is a transcript:

Silent since their last interview in May 2005, the English Muse worked hard and are finishing the after Absolution, which could land near the 27th of May. From the mixing studio, Chris Wolstenholme speaks the first to give us a first taste of their 4th album.

RM : How long have you been in studio ?
CW : We entered in August in the Miraval Studio, in soutern France, after a break to rest after the Tour. We had several songs we wanted to work while writing other ones. We lived in the studio provided with a wonderful site. During a big month, we essentially rehearsed while recording from time to time, when ideas were getting concreted. In fact, the most big part of this recording took place in New York until Christmas. It was greatly concentrated on the album, in the hotel to think about new ideas or in the studio to work them. We hardly disconnected from the album. After Christmas rest, we went to London to mix and we are still there to do it. If it goes on, we shall have spent almost as much time mixing as recording !!

RM : you take your time, we can see...
CW : Yes, we decided to do so for this album. We wanted to take our time to put down our ideas, try things and be sure until the end we could get a pleasant result, without hurrying. Showbiz and Origin of Symetry had been recorded rapidly and since Absolution, we prefer have a cooler pace. We have already 20 finished songs, but nothing is definitive. We are going to mix them before choosing what will appear or won’t in the album.

RM : you work with Rich Costley, who produced your last album.
CW : yes, we keep him because he really did a good job for Absolution. We had many producers until now, working on two following albums with the same one is a little bit different. Rich’s main quality is a very good technician doubled with a real musician. As a matter of fact, he gets involved more in what we are creating, and his advices about arrangements, as melodies, are constructive. He perfectly understands music which is not the same situation about other producers.

RM : Did you give a title to the album ? Rumours on Internet talked about Equilibrium...
CW : We don’t want to think about it now. We shall see later about it, about the presentation, the single, the clip and such things. First of all, we must decide a definitive tracklisting, et then finish the mixing. In fact, we are not sure at all about the album date release !

RM : What were you listening to while you were in studio ?
CW : To be frank, we were exclusively concentrated about our own music. When we listened to stuff, it was rather music from the 50’s and 60’s, in the style of Joe Meek’s produces (the first English independent producer, he particularly founded the Tornados, the band where Matt’s father, Georges played). Kill Bill’s music also marked us as well as Nancy Sinatra’s influences on one or two songs of the album.

RM : During the treasure hunt you organized during this even Tour, you showed that you love codes, anagrams, enigmas and hidden secrets. Will there be those kinds of things in the album or in the presentation ?
CW : This treasure hunt was a big frenzy, a game. It was great to see so many people were taking part into it. Will we do it in the album ? Probably no. But we never know, it could be funny after all.

RM : The last communiqué noticed in your site from the 23rd of February nevertheless gives a feeling of secret where we hardly understand what is written… Since last week, many fans in forum try to decipher.
CW (while laughing) : Seriously ? No, there is no message at all. Defining an album, above all in which we have been drowned into it since months, this is not so simple. So, we decided to put anything in the communiqué, private jokes as well as completely invented things, we don’t even know what we meant while writing them !

buchla synthesizerRM : Did you try new stuffs during those sessions ?
CW : We put trumpet in two songs… and we also used much Buchla synthetizers (created in 1963, the Buchla was the first one especially done for a musician, without the help of a professional electronics engineer).

RM : How would you define the new album ?
CW : It is once more difficult to answer, all the more than we don’t know which songs will be in it. We can’t say it is a rock album, nor a piano album… What is sure, it is less oriented in classics than Absolution and it is mainly more positive. Anyway, it ought to be difficult to do a more negative one than Absolution ! (laughs).

RM : when do you intend to set off on Tour ?
CW : As soon as the album release. During the last Tour, we have much stayed in USA. We haven’t participated in gigs in Europe for a long time, and we miss them a lot. This summer, if everything is alright, we shall play in several festivals.

RM : Before we leave, do you have something to tell to our RockMag readers ?
CW : Yes, We long to meet you all on the road !

lien Werchter Festival

11.03.2006 - 00:05 UTC+0 // Source : // Thanks : Kadir

Muse will play the Werchter festival (Belgium) on june 30.

Werchter Festival - Belgium - 30/06/2006
Ticket tel Belgium :0900/260 60
Ticket tel Holland :0900/45 000 45
Ticket tel international :+32 3400 0034

lien Europe and japan

06.03.2006 - 18:01 UTC+0 // Source : Tom Kirk -

"Hello there. We are delighted to announce that Muse will be playing the Japanese Summer Sonic festivals in mid august.

Osaka – WTC Open Air Stadium & Makuhari Messe
Tokyo – Chiba Marine Stadium, Intex Osaka & Zepp Osaka.
Ticket price:Osaka: JPY13,500 + Tokyo: JPY14,500
Exact billing and dates will be announced in the near future - we have to wait for summer sonic to announce before we can! for more info.

Despite the rumours flying around about where Muse and won't play this summer, I can confirm that the band will be playing big shows in Europe. We appreciate how long it has been since the band last played on European home turf, which is why we are so despearate to kick it off again here. We hope to announce soon, once all is confirmed.

Cheers for now. Tom"

lien Muse in Japan

06.03.2006 - 10:47 UTC+0 // Source : - Summersonic Festival // Thanks : Evan

Muse has been announced to perform at the Japanese Summer Sonic festival on August 12/13.

lien Muse won't play Pinkpop 2006

04.03.2006 - 17:25 UTC+0 // Source : Limburgs Dagblad - // Thanks : Joshua

According to Muse was expected at the pinkpop festival this year. Pinkpop management denied this information earlier today : "The British Rockgroup Muse won't come to Pinkpop. In opposite to what this newspaper reported yesterday, Jan Smeets, organizer of Pinkpop, confirmed that Muse won't perform on Pinkpop. Messages on Muse fansites are, according to Jan Smeets, fables. "There is no space for the band. Every large band claims a place in the programming. The Place Muse wants is already given," sais Jan Smeets."

Recht gezet - De Britse rockgroep Muse komt niet naar Pinkpop. In tegenstelling tot het bericht gisteren in deze krant, laat organisator Jan Smeets weten dat 'het voor honderd procent vaststaat' dat Muse niet zal optreden. Hij verwijst eerdere berichten op de fansite van de band hiermee naar het rijk der fabelen. "Er is gewoon geen plek meer voor de groep. Ieder grote band claimt een bepaalde plaats in de programmering. De plek die Muse wil is reeds vergeven," aldus Smeets.

Limburgs Dagblad, 4th March 2006

lien Rock Am Ring show cancelled [update]

03.03.2006 - 13:56 UTC+0 // Source : - Muse board - Rock Am Ring // Thanks :

Muse cancelled their show at the Rock Am Ring festival :

"With regret Muse have had to postpone their appearance in Germany due to re-arranged scheduling in the USA. The band are very upset that they cannot be with their fans, who have been very supportive throughout their career. They promise to make it up to them and play in Germany as soon as possible."

lien Arras' concert confirmed

02.03.2006 - 19:16 UTC+0 // Source : - Ville d'Arras // Thanks : MalefycentiA

The city of Arras has confirmed the presence of Muse for a concert on the 1st of July.

lien Muse to play Eurock 2006 [update 05.03.06]

02.03.2006 - 17:31 UTC+0 // Source : Eurock -

Eurockeennes 2006 Muse will play at the "Eurockéennes de Belfort" festival (France) on July the 2nd along Sigur Ros, Seun Kuti, Katerine...

The 3 days Pass for the Eurockéennes will be sold at a promotional price of 80 €. Beware: from the first of June the pass will cost 90 € (+ booking fees). The entry for 1 day (friday, saturday or sunday) will cost 36 € (+ booking fees) from the 20th April.

Tickets: Switzerland, Deutschland, Austria, Belgium, Spain and UK

lien Muse to play in Danmark and Pinkpop 2006

01.03.2006 - 13:55 UTC+0 // Source : - Gaffa - // Thanks : Robbert, Dernice

Pinkpop 2006 "Muse staat volgens het tourschema van de Engelse band op maandag 5 juni voor de 4e keer op Pinkpop. De band rondom frontman Matthew Bellamy mocht in 2004 het festival nog afsluiten. Die eer gaat dit jaar naar Red Hot Chili Peppers."

According to english bands tourdates, muse will be playing pinkpop monday 5 june for the forth time. the band from frontman Matthew Bellamy was the headline of 2004, this time the red hot chilli peppers will headline the pinkpopfestival.

Muse will also be support act to Depeche Mode in Århus, Denmark 7th June.