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lien Devon, new guitars...

25.11.2004 - 00:57 UTC+0 // Source : Express & Echo (Exeter) - // Thanks : Cormac

Devon rockers Muse have continued their rapid rise to fame after becoming the only British act to triumph at the MTV Europe Music Awards. The Teignmouth band walked away with the prestigious Best Alternative Act award.

The success has been welcomed by the band's old school in Teignmouth and city guitar shop Mansons, which still makes much of the band's equipment.

The school's drama teacher, Chris Dryden, said: "It's great to see them going from strength to strength. "We are very pleased for them and wish them the very best. We are also very grateful to them for all the equipment they donated to us when they came to open the arts centre here," she added.

Hugh Manson, of Mansons guitar shop, Exeter, builds guitars for front man Matt Bellamy. He is currently building three new ones, possibly for the band's gigs in London's Earl's Court next month. He said: "It's just fantastic news. Now they need to break into America. I think they will be the new U2, they are there for the duration. It's nice to make guitars for people who appreciate them and use them in the manner for which they are intended. It's taken a month for me to make the guitar for Matt that is being picked up today.

"His guitars have very sophisticated complex electronics and its great that he is pioneering that style." Despite being voted for exclusively by European TV viewers, American stars snatched almost all the awards at the glittering ceremony in Rome held last Thursday.

Muse singer Matt Bellamy, when asked about how he felt about the fact that American stars won 11 out of the 12 awards going, said: "There needs to be more European bands, that's all I'm saying." British acts like Robbie Williams, Jamelia, Dido, The Streets and Franz Ferdinand had all been up for awards but walked away with nothing. US band OutKast emerged as the big winners of the awards with Best Song and Best Video for Hey Ya!

lien Stars turned out to see Tom Waits

24.11.2004 - 16:53 UTC+0 // Source : NME -

A galaxy of stars turned out to see TOM WAITS play his first UK show in 17 years last night (November 23). Radiohead singer Thom Yorke, Muse frontman Matt Bellamy and Elbow’s Guy Garvey all made the pilgrimage to London Hammersmith Apollo to see the US singing legend, who has not played on these shores since 1987.

They were joined by actor Johnny Depp and director Tim Burton, who are making a new version of 'Charlie And The Chocolate Factory', with which Waits is thought to be involved. According to XFM, tickets for the 3,000-capacity show sold out in 20 minutes, and were changing hands outside for upwards of £300. The two-and-a-half hour performance drew heavily on material from new album ‘Real Gone’, while for the encore, Waits wheeled out an upright piano for a string of songs from his early Seventies period. He also brought his son to the stage to play percussion in a band that also saw him reunited with guitarist Mark Ribot.

lien Download - Astoria 2000

22.11.2004 - 15:27 UTC+0 // Source : // Thanks : Noexicaise

Plug in baby Live Astoria 06.2000 (divx 5.2.1 - 37,4 mo) OFFLINE
astoria 2000

lien European Mtv Music Awards (video)

20.11.2004 - 09:23 UTC+0 // Source : - // Thanks : Noexicaise (video)

You can watch the presentation of the "Best Alternative Act" Award here
[Update] Download the videos (Xvid) : "About Eminem" (6mo) "Alternative act" (23mo)

lien Mtv awards, message from Muse

19.11.2004 - 11:45 UTC+0 // Source : Muse -

"Hey. Nice. Thanks. Winning two of the springy MTV European awards means something big to us all, and thanks to you out there that voted and were with us all this time who made it possible. We know that without your continued support these last few years all this wouldn't have been so enjoyable and succesful, so we want to say cheers and that we can't wait for next year. Hope to see you at Earl's. Appreciated. Muse."

lien European Mtv Awards

18.11.2004 - 22:34 UTC+0 // Source :

Muse won as the "Best Alternative act" and the "best uk and ireland act" tonight at the European MTV Awards in Roma. Björk, Franz Ferdinand, Prodigy and the Hives were nominated in the "Best Alternative act" category. Franz Ferdinand, Natasha Bedingfield, Jamelia, The Streets were nominated in the "best Uk and Ireland act" category.

European Mtv Awards 2004

lien More Muse tickets on sale from Friday

17.11.2004 - 21:57 UTC+0 // Source : Muse -

Earls Court "We are delighted to announce that MUSE will be releasing further tickets for their shows at London's Earls Court on SUNDAY 19TH & MONDAY 20TH DECEMBER. Please note, there are only a limited amount of standing tickets for both nights! As a valued fan, we can exclusively offer you the opportunity to buy these newly released standing and production seats, which will be sold on a first come, first served basis, by clicking here. Tickets will go on sale Friday 19th November at 09.00am."

lien Almost Acoustic Christmas Night

16.11.2004 - 00:51 UTC+0 // Source : // Thanks : TPGNP...

For those in the L.A. area Muse will join Franz Ferdinand, Modest Mouse, Jimmy Eat World, The Shins, Interpol, The Killers, Snow Patrol, Taking Back Sunday, and Keane in playing Kroq's Almost Acoustic Christmas Night 1 at the Universal Amphitheatre On Dec 11th. Tickets go on sale tonight (Nov. 15th) at 7 p.m.. There is a two ticket limit per person and they're 60 dollars a piece. If you don't score tickets to the Almost Acoustic Christmas 2004 you can still watch all the action online. Log on to KROQ.Com on December 11th and watch as they webcast the entire show live including exclusive backstage footage and interviews.

lien "breaking into the states with Absolution"

15.11.2004 - 15:35 UTC+0 // Source : goanddodownriver - // Thanks : HL

Here is an interview with Chris which is available on

NB: Let's talk more about the album. For a lot of American fans, it's their introduction to Muse yet it's your fourth record [third!]. How do you feel about crossing into this American scene and how has the response been so far?

CW: I think we've been pretty blown away to be honest. I think the most exciting thing is it's almost like starting a band again — that kind of excitement and unpredictability that you get when you make your first record is something most bands only get to experience once, and coming over here has given us a chance to experience that excitement for a second time. It's cool — the last couple years we've been playing pretty big venues in the U.K. and Europe, and I think there's definitely something about playing in clubs that we missed. The response has taken us totally by surprise. The thing that really shocked us was the amount of people that were aware of not only this album, but the stuff we've done before — even though the second album didn't get released in the U.S. The time frame for the venues going up in sizes has been pretty short compared to other countries.


lien Butterflies and Hurricanes U-MYX

13.11.2004 - 12:52 UTC+0 // Source : Tom Kirk -

"The U-MYX competition deadline is fast approaching! The U-MYX player which runs from CD1 of Butterflies and Hurricanes, has been put to great effect and we've had some cool remixes of Butterflies and Hurricanes coming in. We're on the look out for the best re-mix whereby the winner will receive a funky I-pod Mini! The closing date is 30th November so get your mix in soon! Nice one, Tom." (notice that the draw is open to UK residents only)

lien Muse nominated for European MTV awards

12.11.2004 - 23:28 UTC+0 // Source :

Muse have been nominated in two categories for the forthcoming European MTV awards. The band are shortlisted for Best Alternative act in Europe, and Best UK and Ireland Act. The awards will be held in Rome on 18th November. Use the link below to vote for Muse, and at the same time enter the prize draw to win V.I.P tickets to go to the awards in Rome. Vote on MTV awards 2004 website.

lien Nominees for festival Awards 2004 unveiled

12.11.2004 - 14:05 UTC+0 // Source : Xfm - festivalawards - // Thanks : Londoner

Virtual is launching the UK Festival Awards 2004, the world’s first specific music industry awards to recognise the contributions of event organisers, promoters and artists in this (quite literal) field. Winners will be announced on December 6, determined via a public vote on dedicated website - - where votes will be counted over a three week period from November 15.


  • Basement Jaxx

  • Elbow

  • Franz Ferdinand

  • Muse

  • Pixies

  • The Zutons

  • The Darkness

lien Soulwax confirmed for Earl's Court

11.11.2004 - 23:53 UTC+0 // Source : Muse-official -

"We're really pleased to announce that Soulwax will be joining The Zutons as support for both nights in Earl's Court on December the 19th and the 20th."

lien 17 new songs are ready (?!)

07.11.2004 - 17:38 UTC+0 // Source : // Thanks : Pier

During the TV show called "Music plus" in Montreal, Matt has revealed that 17 songs are ready for the next album (songs mainly written in the tour bus). One of them would have flamenco influences, they'll try to convince Flea (RHCP) to play the trumpet on this track.

lien Interview with tom kirk

06.11.2004 - 15:17 UTC+0 // Source : muselive

What happened to Matt's Black Manson - does he still have it?

what happened was matt threw it into a dustcart in san diego and some redneck with fags tucked in his shirt jumped in and nicked it. matt has a deal with mansons and gets them sent to him.. custom made and personalised. watch the dvd to see what happened!

Do you have any information regarding any upcoming DVDs?

I am always pushing for a dvd. hullabaloo would of course be hard to beat, and it takes a hell of a lot of planning and more importantly convincing record labels that its a good idea. but yes, i am hoping that sometime next year there will be something. we have so much footage from around the world it might be cool to get a absolution world tour dvd together.

Are any new singles/tracks going to be performed/released shortly?

released no. performed yes. matts been busy writing a lot of material on the bus. they are soundchecking some cool tunes and i am pretty sure earls court will hear them in their full glory.

Is it hard managing such a great band?

it can be tiring. but like you say they are great so its a pleasure. i really enjoy the responsibilty and touring. i like meeting new people and getting to hear micro cuts now and again.

Any ideas for the next album's name?!

its not even written yet! the name of an album normally comes once the songs are there and you get a vibe of the deeper meaning of the whole package.

How long have you been part of the "Muse scene"?

ive been working with them for 4 and a half years.

Whats the most satisfying part of your job?

seeing my video and visuals complete and being seen on dvds or up on stage. getting the websites together. travelling to new countries. buying footwear in nashville. free drinks. touring with cool bands like the exit and millionaire. seeing beautiful girls across the world.

Have you met any famous people (other than Muse) through your job?

yes. the nicest was chris martin. the weirdest was tre from green day.

Funniest moment of the recent Muse tours?


cheers, tom