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28.06.2004 - 16:00 UTC+0 // Source : NME - MTV - XFM - // Thanks : Yevad

The gig in Bergamo - Italy - has been cancelled due to a "serious familiar mourning". According to NME Dom's father Mr. Bill Howard collapsed after the Glasto set at 1.15am.

It is with great sadness that we must announce that Mr Bill Howard, father of Muse drummer Dominic, died earlier today (Monday 28th June) at the Glastonbury Festival, a short time after the band's headlining set. In this dreadfully difficult time, we request that the privacy of Dom's family and friends is respected, whilst our sincere and heartfelt sympathy extends to Dominic and the Howard family. Muse have cancelled their show in Bergamo, Italy, on Wednesday (June 30), with decisions on other shows pending.

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28.06.2004 - 14:00 UTC+0 // Source : // Thanks : Jane

Contarary to rumour, the band did not stage a collaboration with the English National Opera, who appeared on the same stage at lunchtime performing Wagner's 'The Ride Of The Valkyries'. You can still watch the show here.

Muse - glastonbury 2004 Muse - glastonbury 2004

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26.06.2004 - 00:01 UTC+0 // Source : BBC - Muse-official - NME - // Thanks : Jane

Just an old link, did you know ? ....
Video of Time is Running out live @ festivalbar in Italy (19.06.2004)

Glastonbury :

For the first time ever the BBC will be streaming the pick of Glasto performances, including Muse, Orbital, and BRMC, live online. After the festival you will be able to watch highlights of the performances again on demand, whenever you want. Confirmed acts include Muse, Orbital, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Basement Jaxx. In a joint venture, will be producing the video feeds for the BBC. Video will be available online for a whole year so you can live it and love it over and over again. A Glastonbury special edition of the BBC Radio Player will offer you the chance to hear Glastonbury related radio shows on demand. You needn't miss a second of the coverage and can schedule your listening to suit you. Webcast at 00:05 here.

Muse are headlining at Glastonbury this weekend and Matt told Radio 1 it's a big deal for them. They'll be headlining the main stage on Sunday, the night after Paul McCartney has graced it. Muse are a great live band so the atmosphere for them is bound to be phenomenal. Matt says they're going to give it their best shot: "We're not sure how we're gonna pull it off. I'm sure we'll give it a good chance." "Glastonbury is probably our favourite festival in the world because it's so diverse and there's so many different stages, and I like the fact that you can just wander between a jazz stage, an acoustic stage or a circus tent or cabaret, comedy, all that kind of stuff." "I think that's what makes it so special - the diversity - and it's a great honour to headline a night there. And it's in the WestCountry as well so it's kind of a homecoming gig in some ways for us." Matt is also holding out for a chance meeting: "Hopefully bumping into Paul McCartney may be a bit of a thing." "My dad met him once - apparently he once did a gig supporting Rolf Harris and The Beatles at Manchester Apollo years ago." "There were so many crazy fans outside that they had to call police security and my dad's band ended up getting off with a whole load of female police officers - they were the good old days!!" "Anyway, hopefully I'll bump into Paul McCartney - I'm not sure the same thing will happen, but I'm definitely hoping for the best!"

Official Muse site :

Win Tickets for V 2004 Festival - Check out the download section (on to play the new Muse game and be in with a chance to win tickets to see Muse at this years V Festival or click to play the game.

The above link is brought to you courtesy of Muse. Competitors have the chance to take the controls of their own cyber spaceship and battle it out for a pair of tickets to see the band play at the V Festival, Hylands Park, Chelmsford. The winner will be the player at the top of leaderboard on 13th August. In an incredible 12 months, Muse have now cemented themselves as one of the biggest and most successful bands on the planet through the following achievements; an online first with the biggest ever download single 'Stockholm Syndrome', countless sold out arena dates across the UK, Europe and the rest of the world, the release of their now platinum selling number 1 album 'Absolution', smashing into the top 10 with the 'Time Is Running Out' single, and most recently scoring another major hit their 'Sing For Absolution' single which was accompanied by brilliant 3D CGI animated video. After their recent adventures exploring the outer reaches of Europe's biggest live venues and festivals, Muse are soon to return to the UK for a headlining set at Glastonbury festival this Sunday night and the above mentioned V Festival on 21st August. Fans should also watch out for another Muse single due to enter the musical stratosphere this summer.

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18.06.2004 - 00:00 UTC+0 // Source :

A message from tom kirk / :

As you know, we're geting together a new area of the website where you can download all sorts of cool Muse on-line features. Apart from making some ourselves, we are also hoping to collect and distrubute loads of wallpapers, games, buddy icons, screen savers and any other cool stuff you may have created for Muse that you want to share with your fellow Musers.

We have had a great response from you so far, with a great, though some strange, collection of files that will very soon be going up on the site. Just a note on what the best format of files to send through:

- Please zip up any files you send, this definitely applies to any screen savers we get.
- No BMP files please. They not working out!
- Video files are preferred in Qtime or Mpeg please. AVI if it is huge but this does restrict some people being able to view it.
- Audio files in MP3
- If you have sent files in so far that dont match the above preferences, you don't need to send them in again, we can transfer them but anything in future like the above please!

Please email these files to with your name attached.

A new audio download area is being created where ringtones and audio files will be available. Any Muse remixes you've made, cool live bootlegs and any other random Muse audio files you have can also be uploaded and shared. Please email these to the address above, or please post a C.D of them to:

Muse Downloads,
East West Records,
49 Kensington Court,
W8 5DA

Thanks very much. I'll do my best to credit anyone who's artistic input is used on the site, like I said before the response has been fantastic, keep it up, this area of the site will be well cool. Cheers, Tom.

lien 4rth LP ?

13.06.2004 - 22:59 UTC+0 // Source : Q - // Thanks : Leigh

In the June issue of British Q Magazine, there was an interview with Muse and mentioned were a few things about the next album. One was Matt "is considering a move to New York to write the next album from a fresh perspective" and "Plans are already afoot to toss Absolution's bombastic prog-goth away".

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11.06.2004 - 23:56 UTC+0 // Source : NME - // Thanks :

According to NME, Muse may play some string songs like Blackout, Butterflies and Hurricanes, Citizen Erased... with the British Orchestra at the Glastonbury Festival. Muse will headline the main Pyramid stage on Sunday - the English National Opera will also perform part of Wagner's Ring Cycle with a 90-piece orchestra on the final festival day. 112 000 Tickects have been sold for this festival.

A multimedia player has been done for USA people, it contains the entire Absolution album. It also features the videos for "Hysteria", "Stockholm Syndrome", two different versions of "Time Is Running Out" and a special "Making of Absolution " presentation.

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09.06.2004 - 23:55 UTC+0 // Source :

An extra date has been added for the Cure Curiosa tour this summer :

Toronto (Canada) 9 of August 2004, Molson Amphitheatre.
Tickets sale 12 of June.
Prices $25.50 - $85.50
Show starts at : 17h (5pm)
Pre-sales 9 of June, 10h (10am)

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05.06.2004 - 18:15 UTC+0 // Source : // Thanks : Jane

Muse will play at the Rockpalast Festival in 15 minutes. (18.30) You can watch stream video here.

lien Time is Running out USA version

04.06.2004 - 23:52 UTC+0 // Source : Itunes -

A new video has been made for Time is Running out, filmed in the same way as the Muscle Museum US video. This video is composed by extracts of the previous dvds : Hullabaloo, Absolution and Sing for absolution. Quick time video : high 50 mo - Low 17 mo or check the multimedia page.

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01.06.2004 - 23:49 UTC+0 // Source : Muse board - Mtv2 -

Recent interviews : troublebunchmusic - Line 6 - a video where Matt and the boys talk about tours, America, downloading music and using guitars to break your fall. (Mtv2)

Here is an interview with Muse at Pinkpop 2004. More info about the festival here and here.