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lien Charts, Johnanthon Ross show

28.05.2004 - 18:17 UTC+0 // Source : // Thanks : Henry

The new single "Sing for Absolution" entered the uk single Charts at number 16 this week. (#76 in France but the single has been released five days later).

Muse appeared on the Johnanthon Ross show yesterday for a short interview and to play a couple of songs live.

lien Muse Downloads

25.05.2004 - 18:16 UTC+0 // Source :

A message from Tom kirk on :

Hi there,

I'm trying to get together a new area of the website where you can download all sorts of cool Muse on-line features. Apart from making some ourselves, we are also hoping to collect and distrubute loads of wallpapers, games, buddy icons, screen savers and any other cool stuff you may have created for Muse that you want to share with your fellow Musers. Please email these files to with your name attached.

A new audio download area is also being created where ringtones and audio files will be available. Any Muse remixes you've made, cool live bootlegs and any other random Muse audio files you have can also be uploaded and shared. Please email these to the address above, or please post a C.D of them to:

Muse Downloads,
East West Records,
49 Kensington Court,
W8 5DA

Thanks very much. I'll do my best to credit anyone who's artistic input is used on the site, and we look forward to seeing what comes in! Cheers, Tom

lien Acoustic

22.05.2004 - 21:14 UTC+0 // Source : // Thanks : Jane

Muse was interviewed this morning on Radio 2 by Jonathan Ross, they also played Sing for absolution in acoustic.

lien Muse on the couch

22.05.2004 - 18:11 UTC+0 // Source : // Thanks : Yevad

gonzo_couch.jpg Muse was on the couch at Gonzo on MTV2 yesterday night :

:: a question was asked about when In Your World would be put back in the live set. Matt says maybe at the festivals - they were considering asking people on the forums (didn't catch which one - probably to decide what songs would be in the setlists

:: Matt was asked what happened in Atlanta, he says the stage was so small that when he jumped he expected to have a lot of space but instead he saw Dom's drum kit and Chris's shoulder, so he fell over and the guitar broke his fall when it hit his upper lip.

:: also they said in response to a question that if they would release another DVD, this one would be 'like the Nirvana one' in Matt's words in that they would put on bits from different concerts and bits from when they were in America.

:: As to why Fury wasn't on the album, Matt said he thought it was the best song they'd written and that Dom and Chris had voted for TSP being put on the album instead.

:: A fan asked why there wasn't a 4th member so that Matt wouldn't have had to do as much work. Dom said they had considered it but according to Matt whenever they were onstage as a 3-piece they said 'ah, we don't need a 4th member'. Matt said they would probably try it out anyway to see how it worked out.

:: some small and rather pointless questions that were asked -

- Favourite cheeses:
Matt - Winchester
Dom - Stuchen or something, can't remember
Chris - Danish Blue

- A or B questions:
V Fest / Glastonbury
ET / Gremlins
Star Wars / Spaceballs
Lord Of The Rings / Harry Potter (to this, Dom replied LoTR while Matt replied Harry Potter)
Alicia Keys / Black Eyed Peas (Matt likes them both but they agreed on Alicia in the end)

lien Sing for Absolution video

18.05.2004 - 18:08 UTC+0 // Source : // Thanks : Chris

Here is the link to the agency which made the video of Sing for absolution :

"2001 : A Space Odyssey meets Planet of the Apes is how the artists at Ark VFX describe the concept for the video, which is based on man's attempt to save the earth from an ecological disaster of man's own making. 'We wanted the video to capture the sentiment of the song in a powerful, epic way. We first developed a narrative that would support some stunning imagery', explains Steve Tappin, co-founder of Ark. 'What we've created is a mini sci-fi disaster movie which reflects the apocalyptic feel of the album'. The video was produced using a combination of live action and 3D computer animation which was integrated with skilfully rendered matte paintings. The first-time directors worked hard to ensure that the high standard of artwork and imagery was never compromised, despite the fact that they had only seven weeks in which to complete the video. Meticulous scheduling and dedication of the whole team ensured that the project was completed on time and to budget. 'Being given the opportunity to direct and produce our own work is what keeps us inspired and it's why we enjoy what we do', says Tappin."

lien Competition, Sing for Absolution

18.05.2004 - 18:07 UTC+0 // Source :

You can be a lucky blighter today and win one of two great prizes in our 'Sing For Absolution Competition'! There is a band signed Sing For Absolution DVD to give away as well as a very limited edition Promo of the new single in a space-aged wrapped container. Speaking of ages, oh how slick a link, in order to win one of these great prizes, please answer the following question:

What Age is coming in Muse's new video Sing For Absolution?

Please send your answers, with the email title reading 'Sing For Absolution', to . The competition will be open until 11pm Saturday Morning.

"The New Muse single 'Sing For Absolution' is now in the shops across Britain in three quality formats. CD1 has the Fury as a B-side, the DVD has the new video, audio, the making of the video, behind the scenes action from Australia and a massive image gallery to boot. There is also available a limited edition, clear vinyl 7" for your listening and collectable pleasure. Go out and get it all whilst you can! You will also be able to order it from the Muse shop on very very soon. There will be plenty of new footage clips from the U.S and new photos to check out in the next couple of days. Muse radio will also be broadcasting some American moments if you tune in at the right time!"

lien Sing For Absolution released

17.05.2004 - 18:05 UTC+0 // Source :

The new Muse single "Sing for absolution" is released today in UK :

Sing for Absolution Dvd :
1. Sing For Absolution Video
2. Sing For Absolution Audio
3. Sing For Absolution Making Of The Video
4. Big Day Out [Behind The Scenes From The Australian Big Day Out Tour]
5. Photo Gallery

Sing for Absolution Cd :
1. Sing For Absolution
2. Fury

Sing for Absolution Vinyl :
A. Sing For Absolution
B. Fury

Order those items on Amazon :
[ Cd ] - [ Dvd ]

lien Promo

16.05.2004 - 18:03 UTC+0 // Source : // Thanks : Chris

On The Bus with Muse : "Get on the Bus" this weekend with Muse. Q101's Ryan Manno sits down for two hours with the band. Listen to Manno's exclusive interview with the band. Plus, hear them play all of the music they want to play. Sunday (5/16) between 6pm-8pm.

Here are some review & Interview : Diamondback - The Stranger

lien Promo

15.05.2004 - 20:01 UTC+0 // Source : // Thanks : Trebbor, Chris

Muse will be on the couch with Zane Lowe On Friday on MTV2's Gonzo show.

Muse were in an Irish tv program last tuesday, they said that they would play some new songs at the festivals this summer, they had some new ideas “floating“ around and that they had some songs that they had writen in sound checks. They also said that they would go to the studio at the end of the year...

You can ask Muse any question you'd like on the NME website. They will put the best questions to the band who will answer them in a special feature for NME.COM in a few weeks. Simply keep your eyes on The Agenda in the NME mag and here for the results.

lien Back home after five weeks on the road

15.05.2004 - 18:00 UTC+0 // Source :

A message from Muse : 'Hi there, it's good to be back home after five weeks on the road in the States. The tour went really well, with gigs sold out everywhere and a really warm American welcome from everyone we met. We're now getting prepared for a pretty serious festival run across Europe, which we are obviously really looking forward to. After that we go back to the US for two weeks on the Cure 'Curiosa Tour', alongside bands like Interpol, Mogwai and The Rapture. It's good to be playing so many gigs and working on new material in the meantime. The new single is out on Monday in England. 'Sing For Absolution' comes out in three formats, and this time round the DVD regulations have been extended so we managed to get more on there than normal which is cool. Take care, hope to see you soon at a show somewhere soon. Cheers."

Check out some photos from the road on the microcuts gallery. Plus, don't miss Muse's "Time Is Running Out" video on MTV2's Subterranean this Sunday night the 16th. Subterranean airs at 12am EST/9pm PST.

lien Logistical problems for greek show

14.05.2004 - 17:57 UTC+0 // Source :

"Apologies for those planning to go to the Rockwave festival in Athens, Greece. Logistical problems have forced the band to cancel the show, but Muse are keen to come back and play Greece as soon as they can. The Band are performing Sing For Absolution on CD:UK tomorrow (Saturday morining) on ITV. The single comes out in the shops in England on Monday. Cheers for now, Tom"

lien New photos

08.05.2004 - 20:55 UTC+0 // Source : // Thanks : Tom

"Hey there, at last in a hotel after 5 days of solid gigs and managed to get some of the last few days on the road up in the photo gallery. Everything is going real well out here, all the shows are sold out and there's a cool buzz going around. And there's just something about those Californian mosh pits that takes some beating. Everyone's looking forward to coming back here after some serious Eurpean festivals this summer. Cheers for now. Tom"

Photos can be viewed on the official site or the microcuts gallery

lien Curiosa festival

08.05.2004 - 17:53 UTC+0 // Source : MTV - - // Thanks : Yevad

Less than a week after headlining the Coachella festival in the Southern California desert, goth pioneers the Cure have unveiled plans for a full U.S. tour this summer. The Curiosa Festival 2004 will feature the Cure headlining a bill that also includes three bands plainly influenced by Robert Smith and company: Interpol, the Rapture and Mogwai. A second stage will also be part of the traveling road show, with Muse, Thursday, Cursive, Melissa Auf Der Maur, Cooper Temple Clause and Head Automatica rotating as performers. The tour kicks off July 24 in the unlikely tropical setting of West Palm Beach, Florida, and ends August 27 in Los Angeles. Additional dates are still being added. The official announcement will be made on monday, May 10th. More infos on MTV website.

lien Usa Setlists

08.05.2004 - 12:51 UTC+0 // Source :

Sacramento - 04/05/2004 :

01. Apocalypse Please
02. Hysteria
03. New Born
04. Sing for Absolution
05. Thoughts of a Dying Atheist
06. Bliss
07. Citizen Erased
08. Sunburn
09. Butterflies
10. The Small Print
11. Time is Running Out
12. Plug in Baby
13. Dead Star

14. Stockholm
15. Jam out - 20 minutes

Los Angeles - 05/05/2004 :

01. Apocalypse Please
02. Hysteria
03. New Born
04. Sing For Absolution
05. Thoughts of a Dying Atheist
06. Bliss
07. Citizen Erased
08. Sunburn
09. Butterflies and Hurricanes
10. The Small Print
11. Time is Running Out
12. Plug in Baby

13. Muscle Museum
14. Stockholm Syndrome

San francisco - 06.05.04 :

01. Hysteria
02. Newborn
03. (The small print)
04. Sing for Absolution
05. Muscle Museum
06. Citizen Erased
07. Sunburn
08. Butterflies
09. Bliss
10. Time is running out
11. Plug in baby

12. Apocalypse please
13. Stockholm

lien Sing for absolution, Greatest Rock Guitar Riff Ever

04.05.2004 - 17:34 UTC+0 // Source :

Some pics taken at the Coachella festival - United States - have been added on the microCuts gallery.
A new list compiling the Greatest Rock Guitar Riff Ever has just been revealed, and includes songs by Metallica, Muse, Rage Against The Machine and Queens Of The Stone Age. For the full story, go to XFM web site :

  1. Guns N' Roses 'Sweet Child O' Mine'

  2. Nirvana 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'

  3. Led Zeppelin 'Whole Lotta Love'

  4. Deep Purple 'Smoke On The Water'

  5. Metallica 'Enter Sandman'

  6. Derek & The Dominoes/Eric Clapton 'Layla'

  7. Metallica 'Master Of Puppets'

  8. AC/DC 'Back In Black'

  9. Jimi Hendrix 'Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)'

  10. Black Sabbath 'Paranoid'Ozzy Osbourne 'Crazy Train'

  11. Ozzy Osbourne 'Crazy Train'

  12. Free 'All Right Now'

  13. Muse 'Plug In Baby'

  14. Led Zeppelin 'Black Dog'

Here are the artworks of the upcoming single "sing for absolution" which are taken from the video clip (check the multimedia page to watch it).


lien Nme charts

03.05.2004 - 17:32 UTC+0 // Source : NME -

15 days before the release of the single "Sing for absolution", MUSE have hit the top spot in this week's NME charts:

  • 1. Muse- 'Sing For Absolution'

  • 2. Franz Ferdinand - 'Matinee'

  • 3. Ash - 'Orpheus'

  • 4. The Vines - 'Winning Days'

  • 5. The Walkmen - 'The Rat'

  • 6. The Stills - 'Changes Are No Good'

  • 7. The Killers - 'Mr Brightside'

  • 8. Bloc Party - 'Banquet'

  • 9. The Streets - 'Fit But You Know It'

  • 10. The Von Bondies - 'Tell Me What You See'

lien Tour stuff

01.05.2004 - 17:30 UTC+0 // Source : Q magazine -

Current edition of Q magazine has a four-pages article on Muse's Madrid gig and a short interview two weeks later, just before the US tour (with some hints at a 70's disco new direction).... They listed what & who they need for a show:

Total official crew: 28
Full-time video diarists: 1
Local ballon wranglers: 7
Huge white balloons: 20
Small black balloons: 2000
Cost of confetti used each night: £2000
Weight of each box containing the five video screens: 280 kg
Combined length of cables used: approx 18 miles
Number of local hired roadies: between 10 and 30
Number of hours to build set each night: 5
Number of hours to dismantle set: 4
Tubs of Catfight hair gel used over tour: 10
Bottles of Jack Daniels consumed each night: 5
Cans of Red Stripe consumed each night: 60
And Red Bull: 20
Number of smoothie makers: 1

lien Salt lake city venue, Cure

01.05.2004 - 17:27 UTC+0 // Source : // Thanks : Arturo

"Yesterday a band called Muse played a show in Salt Lake City, Utah. While they were here they did an interview with a local radio station X96. They talked about their touring this year and mentioned that they were contacted to play with The Cure in North America. They said that they're not sure when or where yet, though."

Here is the setlist played yesterday in Salt lake city :

01. Hysteria
02. New born
03. Tsp
04. Sing for absolution
05. Muscle museum
06. Thoughts of a dying atheist
07. Citizen erased
08. Sunburn
09. Butterflies & hurricanes
10. Bliss
11. Time is running out
12. Plug in baby
13. Apocalypse please
14. Stockholm syndrome
+ jam out session