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lien Sing for Absolution, Los Angeles

27.04.2004 - 17:11 UTC+0 // Source : // Thanks : Eil, Pias, Nina

Muse On Injuries And Glastonbury Following Muse frontman Matt Bellamy's severe onstage injuries earlier this month, the band have been talking about gushing blood, stitching lips and headlining the final night of The Glastonbury Festival later this year. For the full story go here [XFM]

Muse have just added a show in Los Angeles - Wednesday May 5 at the Mayan. Tickets will go on sale to the public Thursday, April 29. Listen to KROQ (106.7 FM) for details on how to win tickets or Win Tickets here.
Muse will visit Tower Records in Sherman Oaks to sign cds from 5:30-7:00pm. Free tickets to the show at the Mayan later that evening will be given away. Tower Records Sherman Oaks is located at 15301 Ventura Blvd.

It seems there will be different versions of the next single "Sing for Absolution" in each country, we should get more info soon :

S4A Dutch Single (27/04/2004)
Dutch Cd1 - Ahoy' Edition (release 24th may 2004):
1. Sing For Absolution (radio edit)
2. Bliss (live in Ahoy', 6 november 2003)
3. Sunburn (live in Ahoy', 6 november 2003)
4. Feeling Good (live in Ahoy', 6 november 2003)

Dutch DVD (release 31st may 2004):
1. Sing For Absolution (album version)
2. Time Is Running Out (DVD videoclip)
3. Hysteria (DVD videoclip)
4. Sing For Absolution (DVD videoclip)

Dutch Cd3 - Pinkpop 2004 Edition (release 14th june 2004):
1. Sing For Absolution (live @ Pinkpop 2004)
2. Time Is Running Out (live @ Pinkpop 2004)
3. Plug In Baby (live @ Pinkpop 2004)
4. Stockholm Syndrome (live @ Pinkpop 2004)
(tracklisting CD3 can still change!)

Australian Dvd (release 28th May 2004):
1. Sing For Absolution Video
2. Sing For Absolution Audio
3. Sing For Absolution Making Of The Video
4. Big Day Out [Behind The Scenes From The Australian Big Day Out Tour]
5. Photo Gallery

Uk Dvd (release 17th may 2004):
1. Sing for Absolution Video
2. Sing for Absolution Audio
3. Sing for Absolution Making of the video
4. Big day of video
5. Artwork gallery

Uk Cd (release 17th may 2004):
1. Sing for Absolution
2. Fury

Uk vinyl 7" Limited edition (release 17th may 2004):
A. Sing for Absolution
B. Fury

lien Turkey

25.04.2004 - 17:09 UTC+0 // Source : // Thanks : Onur

Muse will play the Turkish Festival "Rock in Istanbul" on June the 19th.

lien Cincinatti Setlist

25.04.2004 - 17:08 UTC+0 // Source : // Thanks : Regicide

Here is the setlist played in Cincinatti, "The Groove" was played in its entirety but is not on the setlist.

01. Hysteria
02. New Born
03. Thought Of A Dying Atheist
04. Sing For Absolution
05. Muscle Museum
06. *The Groove
07. Citizen Erased
08. Apocalypse Please
09. Sunburn
10. Butterflies And Hurricanes
11. Bliss
12. Time Is Running Out
13. Plug In Baby
14. Stockholm Syndrome

lien Usa

23.04.2004 - 17:07 UTC+0 // Source :

A new version of the official website has been added for USA people.
Muse will be signing CDs after some of the shows on the U.S. tour. These will happen after the show :
April 22 Shelter, Detroit
April 26 Mississippi Nights, St. Louis

Muse will be doing interviews at the following radio stations:
4/23 Q101 (Chicago)
4/26 KPNT (St. Louis)
4/29 X96 (Salt Lake City)
5/03 KBZT (San Diego)
5/06 Live 105 (San Francisco)
5/08 KNDD (Seattle) - live session

lien Interview

23.04.2004 - 14:00 UTC+0 // Source :

Here is aninterview with Matthew Bellamy about the Atlanta incident.

lien Lamacq Live

21.04.2004 - 17:03 UTC+0 // Source : // Thanks : Jeff

Radio 1 has broadcast Muse live at Cardiff [01.12.2003] tonight on Steve Lamacq's Show, you can hear it here. (Forward to ~ 3:00:00)

lien Edge radio in Toronto

20.04.2004 - 19:58 UTC+0 // Source :

Muse was at Edge radio tonigh in Toronto to give an interview : "The EXTREMELY popular Muse came to the street level studios! After the boys sat down for an interview with Dave Bookman, they took the time to sign a bunch of stuff including FREE TICKETS that everyone in the studio audience received for the show at the Mod club!"

edgeradio_ca2004_05.jpg edgeradio_ca2004_06.jpg

lien Atlanta video #2

20.04.2004 - 16:50 UTC+0 // Source : // Thanks : Brandon

Here is another video from Atlanta [USA] featuring road trip, sound check, concert etc... Thanks Brandon who made this video : Download [24 Mo]

Atlanta_chrisdom2.jpg Atlanta_domchris.jpg
atlanta_video2_02.jpg atlanta_video2_01.jpg
Atlanta_dom_drums.jpg atlanta_video2_03.jpg

lien setlists played in New york & Boston

17.04.2004 - 16:47 UTC+0 // Source :


lien New York, Incident video

13.04.2004 - 16:43 UTC+0 // Source : // Thanks : Jeremy, Tom

amb_atlanta.jpg Here is the video of the incident in Atlanta. Thanks to Jeremy who was at the show : Windows Media Player

Muse are pleased to announce that their show in the Bowery, New York on the 14th April will go ahead. Matt's injuries to his mouth have been seen by a specialist and after receiving treatment, Matt feels he is still able to play the show.

lien Philadelphia show cancelled

12.04.2004 - 01:49 UTC+0 // Source :

Muse are sorry to inform that the show in The Kyber, Philadelphia tomorrow night will have to be postponed due to Matt's accident during the band's gig in Altanta. The band are very keen to arrange coming back to any shows they are forced to miss in the near future. We shall of course keep you updated with news on Matt's progress towards playing The Bowery show in New York as soon as we have any word on it.

lien Atlanta incident

10.04.2004 - 01:47 UTC+0 // Source : // Thanks : Patrick, keith

"I just returned home from the atlanta show. Matt split his upper lip on his mic 4 songs into the set. he tried to keep playing, but couldn't continue with the wound. the band came back out after a short visit backstage to inform the audience that matt would have to go to the hospital. they were very professional and announced that they would try to return to the atlanta venue to make it up to the fans. i really feel sorry for matt, dom, and chris. the sold out show was going quite well. the short set consisted of hysteria, new born, butterflies and hurricanes, and thoughts of dying atheist. i would guess atleast a few shows will have to be cancelled until matt's lip can heal. it was my first time to see them. i drove 2 1/2 hours for 4 songs, and it was still worth it. anyway, i hope matt heals soon so they can get on with a successful tour." - Patrick

"I just got back from the muse show in atlanta here in the states about 20 minutes ago... the guy busted his lip open in the middle of Micro Cuts (in fact citizen Erased), he hit his lip on the microphone if im not mistaken. there was blood dripping down his face. They stopped the song and he is apparently getting stitches. he was busted up "all the way from his bottom lip to his nose" and he could "hardly talk, let alone sing" according to the drummer. however, dont worry, matt seem to be fine, he was still smiling and promised to return "very very soon". he seemed very happy to have such a warm welcome over here. i couldnt believe how many people were there! i expected maybe twenty people but apparently it sold out the first day or something... i would estimate about 300 - 500 people and everyone was ecstatic. well, there you have it." keith

"They were just starting Citizen Erased, the 5th show in the set, when Bellamy rocked out too hard, and slammed the neck of his guitar into his lip, splitting it from there straight up to his nose (It wasn't the mic he hit). He stopped after a few words of the song, said something to the band, probably "Ouch," then went off stage. When they came back, saliva and blood was dripping from his face like a gruesome beard, he apologized for everything (and also said, "I'm sorry guys, I fucked up my face."), and they promised to try to make it back. He then left via ambulance for the hospital, as he desperately needed some stitches, it was brutal. I would say there's no chance in hell of him playing the next few shows, at least not at full go." Hoboceratops

The band were forced to abandon their show in the Cotton Club, Atlanta last night when Matt badly injured his mouth during the set. He was taken to hospital and received stiches. Matt's expecting furthur medical advice on Monday . Shows are unfortunately on temporary hold until this point. the band are obviously very dissapointed but looking forward to carrying on their new tour of the States as soon as possible. The photo gallery will help inform.

lien Sing for absolution

09.04.2004 - 01:46 UTC+0 // Source : // Thanks : Jane

The video of "Sing for absolution" is available on MTV Italy.

"The band arrived today in USA and everyone is excited on the band and crew about playing the first US show in atlanta tomorrow. Dom's arm is now ok after a Turin stage rucas. The hospital said its increasingly likely that there's a hefty magnet somewhere inside him that attracts thrown guitars."

lien Unofficial Muse biography

04.04.2004 - 01:40 UTC+0 // Source : // Thanks : Ben Myers

muse biography A biography by Ben Myers is about to be released in Uk.

Book Description : Formed in the mid-1990s in a sleepy sea-side Devonshire town, Muse have risen to become one of Britain's biggest and most respected bands. [...] In February 2004 Muse celebrate their ten-year anniversary at the top - a position they show no signs of relinquishing any time soon...
About the Author : Ben Myers is a highly respected music journalist and currently features editor at Kerrang! magazine. Since he was a teenager, he has travelled the world from California to Croatia writing about music, surviving death threats, mosh-pits and nearly shooting Ozzy Osbourne along the way. His work has appeared in numerous publications including Kerrang!, Melody Maker, Q, Uncut and Careless Talk Costs Lives.

lien BBC 1

02.04.2004 - 01:39 UTC+0 // Source :

Muse will be performing on the Johnathan Ross show on BBC1 tonigh.