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lien Another French tour

31.01.2004 - 14:25 UTC+0 // Source : Fnac -

Muse will be in France in March for new gigs :

- 14/03/2004 : Rouen - Zénith
- 15/03/2004 : Orléans - Zénith
- 16/03/2004 : Cournon d'auvergne - Zénith
- 22/03/2004 : Toulouse - Zénith
- 24/03/2004 : Grenoble - Summum

lien The next single will be...

30.01.2004 - 01:00 UTC+0 // Source :

The next single will finally be "Sing for absolution" and will be released on April the 19th. Butterflies & Hurricanes, which was initially envisaged to be the fourth single, will be released later.

lien Melbourne

29.01.2004 - 00:59 UTC+0 // Source : // Thanks : Klaymen

Here is the set list from the Melbourne show :

New Born
Sing for Absolution
Thoughts of a Dieing Athiest
Butterflies and Hurricanes
Citizen Erazed
Apocalypse Please
Space Dementia
Forced In
Muscle Museum
Time is Running Out
Plug in Baby

Stockholm Syndrome + Outro

lien Australia

25.01.2004 - 00:39 UTC+0 // Source : // Thanks : Jane, Sanger

australia02_2004.jpg Muse made an appearance on Australian music channel [V]'s "What U Want show" at Fox Studios in Sydney (where The Matrix and Stars Wars were filmed) where they did an interview, fielded some questions from the crowd and performed the singles off of Absolution. - Time is Running Out came in at number 31 in Australian radio station Triple J's Hottest 100 (

A message from Tom : Hello there, hope youre all having some good days. Things down under are pretty sweet.. the shows are going well, the sunburn factor not so well but we'rve all peeled and are coming out the other side now. As you know Muse have been nominated for a big old Brit award and would much appreciate your support in winning it! You can vote here for Muse being the best British Rock Act around. thanks a lot. Take care, tom

There's an interview with matt bellamy on Virgin Radio [jan 2004] available for streaming here.

The set list from the Big Day Out, Friday 23rd :

1. Stockholm Syndrome
2. New Born
3. Thoughts of a Dying Atheist
4. Butterflies & Hurricanes
5. Citizen Erased
6. Sunburn (Piano Version)
7. Muscle Museum
8. Hysteria
9. Bliss
10. Time is Running Out
11. Plug In Baby

Here is the set list from the Metro show :

1. Hysteria
2. New Born
3. Thoughts of a Dying Atheist
4. Sing for Absolution
5. Butterflies & Hurricanes
6. Citizen Erased
7. Apocalypse Please
8. Space Dementia
9. Sunburn (Guitar version)
10. Muscle Museum
11. Bliss
12. Time is Running Out
13. Plug In Baby

14. Blackout
15. Stockholm Syndrome
16. Instrumental rock out

lien Big day out festival

17.01.2004 - 00:37 UTC+0 // Source : // Thanks : Jane

Here is the first setlist played at the Big day out festival - Auckland - 16.01.2004

02.Apocalypse Please
04.New Born
05.Sing For Absolution
07.Muscle Museum
08.Butterflies & Hurricanes
09.Time Is Running Out
11.Plug In Baby
12.Stockholm Syndrome

lien Message

13.01.2004 - 00:34 UTC+0 // Source :

It's that awards time of year again and after a number one album and an amazing sell-out European tour, Muse are bound to be collecting one or two! Last night it was announced that Muse have been nominated for a Brit Award for Best British Rock Band . They will also be performing at the awards ceremony! Keep your eyes on the Brits' website at for a Muse area with videos and news! Currently sitting in second place by only 2%, you can vote for Absolution as one of XFM's albums of the year here . You can also vote for Muse to win a whole number of NME awards here.

We also have a New Year's message from the band:

Hello and a happy new year to you all. Just like to say thanks to you all who have made this our most enjoyable and succesful year in Muse. Making 'Absolution' and then starting our touring through Europe gave us the belief that next year can be even better, where we hope to see and play to as many of you as possible. Thanks a lot for your support, it means the world to us. Have a great year.

lien Brit Awards

12.01.2004 - 00:33 UTC+0 // Source :

Muse is nominated at the 2004 BRIT Awards for the best British Rock Act. (are nominated : Stereophonics, Feeder, Primal scream, Darkness, Muse)

lien Usa, Hysteria, Pinkpop 2004

12.01.2004 - 00:30 UTC+0 // Source : Virgin Radio - -

Muse has been officially announced to close the pinkpop main stage festival.
The last Muse album 'Absolution' will be released in March in the United stated on the label Warner. The band will play in small places for this occasion.

Hysteria Around The World : Norway had Hysteria released on 5/01/2004, Portugal will have it on 12/01/2004, Australia will have it on 16/01/2004, To all you Spaniards out there, Hysteria will be released on the 19th January 2004, as it will be in New Zealand. Greece will have the record mid-January, while Italy and Malaysia will get the release in late January. [ Source : ]

lien New year

05.01.2004 - 01:29 UTC+0 // Source : Gonzo MTV2 - // Thanks : Rich

Microcuts team would like to wish everyone a happy and musical new year.
Muse will certainly play Leeds/Reading and Werchter festivals.
Muse came 1st in the top 50 guitar albums of the year in total guitar magazine.