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lien Exclusive interview with Dom

17.04.2003 - 16:36 UTC+0 // Source : Exclusively for // Thanks : Dom

Here you go romain. cheers,, dom.

- Is your third album already named ? If not, do you have any ideas ?
No, its not titled at the moment. we do have ideas, but once it's decided you'll know.

- Do you know what the tracklist will be like precisely yet ? How many songs should feature in this album?
The tracklist isn't decided because not all the songs are finished yet. we'll be choosing from about 15 tracks, but its impossible to order them until everything is completed. i think we know what will open the album.

- You said in an interview for that there will be some extra bonus, probably a dvd, added to the next album, can you tell us a bit more about it?
We're recording lots of studio footage, so we might do something involving various stages of making the album.

- Is there a song in particular that might surprise the fans and the public ? And why?
i think there will be a surprise for everyone on this album. im surprised. i can't tell you about any perticular thing because then it won't be be a surprise. but we have definitely pushed some tracks into areas we haven't been before.

- Have new instruments been used for the recording of this album?
we always like to try and find and experiment with instruments we've never used. i have been using some new percussion pieces vie never seen or heard before and also some ethnic and japanese percussion like taiko's. we've used a full orchestra on a few tracks and also some bizarre old synths that look like b-movie spaceship consoles.

- What are you doing at the moment ? (this is not a sexual questions)
Writing this email and thinking about playing ping pong.

- Do you plan to make as many concerts as you can, like for your previous tours ? If so, what will be the first countries to be toured ?
We will be touring europe in the autumn which will likely be as extensive as before and hopefully take us to some new places.

- Will we be able to see Muse in the USA someday ? OOS is still unavailable over there...

lien Muse in Los Angeles

10.04.2003 - 16:33 UTC+0 // Source : // Thanks : -

dom Having returned from the beautiful surroundings of Grouse lodge in Central Ireland where the band have been recording indoors, outside, in swimming pools and using instruments that don't even have names yet, they have gone over to the West Coast to polish off a few tracks, lay down the vocals and mix the album with Rich Costey.

lien Interview with Dom

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If a Muse album leaked onto the internet before it was released would you mind if someone downloaded it as long as they bought the album when it came out?
I think its generally seen that if the album is leaked before the release date then some of people aren't gonna buy the album if they already have a copy. obviously theres the fans of the band that will still buy the album, and were hoping to add some extra bonus element to the album that wont be available online be it a dvd or something. [...]