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lien Third album released in September

25.03.2003 - 16:29 UTC+0 // Source : - // Thanks :

After spending a few months in London to write some new songs for the next album, Muse have settled down in Ireland to record them. Their third album, entitled "The Small Print" for the moment (ndlr: I don't think so), will be available next September. Matthew Bellamy says it will be more optimistic and happier than the previous ones, and declares that the fans will be surprised. On this occasion, the band will tour France and perform in Paris on November, 18th.

lien Message from Dom

21.03.2003 - 16:28 UTC+0 // Source : // Thanks : Dom

About 12 new songs have been recorded, they are not definitively titled yet. (only working titles)

lien The album will not be called The Smallprint

15.03.2003 - 16:26 UTC+0 // Source : // Thanks : J Wicker

J Wicker (from the Official Website) wrote : "I know as I work on the Muse-Official website. And I have official word from Tom Kirk that the album will not be called The Smallprint. But The Smallprint will more than likely be the first single released, but it is not a certain at this point."

lien Extensive tour around Europe

14.03.2003 - 16:35 UTC+0 // Source : // Thanks : J Wicker

Scandinavia will be the first to see Muse's new material live, later this year, when the band will start their extensive tour around Europe. Dates have been booked starting in October, to be posted on this site in full as soon as all are confirmed. Live dates already pencilled into the Muse diary are set to start in Helsinki for two nights, then on to Stockholm. Oslo, Copenhagen, Hamberg, Munich, Berlin, into Italy, France, Belgium, Holland and back to England in late November. Check back soon for more updates.

lien 3rd album speculations

13.03.2003 - 16:24 UTC+0 // Source : Nme - // Thanks :

MUSE are tipped to release their new album, tentatively called ''THE SMALLPRINT', this September, and are currently in Ireland finishing off the tracks. Since the band finished promoting their second album, 2001's 'Origin Of Symmetry' last August, they relocated to Hackney in east London to write and record the follow-up, which singer Matt Bellamy promises will be more "uplifting."

Speaking to NME.COM last year, Bellamy said, "The stuff we're going to do on this album is going to surprise a lot of people. I can't really say why that would be but I've got a feeling it won't be what people expect. "We've been writing loads of songs. A lot of the new songs are going in a different direction to what we've done before."