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lien Céline Dion - the end

17.10.2002 - 04:19 UTC+0 // Source : // Thanks :

After hearing the bad press Celine Dion has decided to change the name of her Las Vegas shows (and related goods). Muse are very happy about the news. The following information was found at this website.

MONTREAL (CP) -- Celine Dion will ponder some new titles for her Las Vegas show after the British rock band Muse threatened legal action. Dion's string of concerts was reportedly to be called Celine Dion Muse, which prompted the rockers to complain they didn't want to be confused with the pop diva's extravaganza. Francine Chaloult, Dion's Montreal publicist, said the name won't be used for the Las Vegas show. The title Muse was only one of about 30 names being looked at by show management and it had made the top four of those being considered, she said. The actual name of the show will be announced next Monday during a news conference in Belgium. The band said it had rejected a $50,000 offer from Dion's management team to buy the name and added its members don't like her music.

lien Follow-up to celine dion's case, Q Awards

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Matt from the band spoke to Radio 1 about how they are worried it could turn into a massive legal battle that they simply can't afford:

"Their last reply to us was something along the lines of 'Well we're not going to give you money, AND we're going to use it anyway, what are you going to do about it?'" - "We might have to take action, we don't know how much it's going to cost. I'm sure they're going to make it extremely difficult for us to do that."

But they haven't given up all hope:

"What we're initially doing about it is we are talking to people like you about it. We're hoping that maybe she'll hear about it directly - we've got a feeling that maybe she doesn't even know about it. Maybe she came up with the idea and all her management people kind of went ahead and said 'let's get this name whatever it costs'. I'm sure that maybe there's a possibility if she knew that we existed, she'd probably think twice about it."

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Muse is nominated for the 13th Q Awards in the category " Best Live Act". The ceremony will take place in London the 21st October. You can vote here.

lien Celine Dion

14.10.2002 - 04:15 UTC+0 // Source : Nme - Dotmusic - // Thanks :

Muse are threatening to sue Canadian super-warbler Celine Dion for unauthorised use of their name in her new stageshow.Dion offered the band $50,000 (£32,000) in return for the use of the name 'Muse' for her up and coming residency at Las Vegas. They declined the offer. Muse own the trademark 'MUSE' worldwide for any music related services including live performances and records. Despite their refusal, Muse received notice from Dion's management company Dragone that they "will proceed without the proposed settlement and will use the mark CELINE DION MUSE for its shows and related goods and services". The Las Vegas show will feature a live performance by Dion, dancers, and acrobats, all with musical accompaniment. Dion's show is scheduled to begin a year long run at Las Vegas' Caesars Palace in March 2003.The 4,000-seater show will run twice daily and feature more than 70 dancers and musicians. Tickets for the show are selling for as much as $1,000.

"NO, absolutely not as we don't want to appear to be Celine Dion's support act!" Muse are outraged by this absolute disregard for another artist's identity. This is also pure capatalism i.e. a large company using it's wealth to trample over others. A press release has gone out over the weekend. Muse will continue to stand up for their rights.

Matthew : "This is a classic example of a huge music empire trying to crush the smaller bands." -"They've told us they are pressing ahead with using the Muse name whether we like it or not, they think if we try and sue them they will crush us with their might." - "We fully intend to crack America with our next album and we don't want to turn up there with people thinking we're bloody Celine Dion's backing band." - "I find her music completely offensive for a start and I'm sure our fans do as well." - "It's not just the fact they want to call the show Muse, they also want to call any sound and video recordings Muse as well, which means you'll have Muse DVDs and albums coming out in the States."

lien One love

03.10.2002 - 04:06 UTC+0 // Source : NME - // Thanks : Chris

Here's the artwork to the album "1love" which contains Muse's "House Of The Rising Sun" cover. You'll can listen to the whole album on NME's website.

one love cover