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lien Best english live band

28.08.2002 - 03:56 UTC+0 // Source : // Thanks : Chris, Melina

Muse won 'best english live band' s Award at the Kerrang Music Awards 2002. They were also nominated in the 'best english band' category.


Check out an interview of the band from Benicassim Festival on this page.

lien Fallen in love

25.08.2002 - 03:54 UTC+0 // Source : NME - // Thanks : -

MUSE's third album will be "uplifting" because singer MATT BELLAMY has fallen in love, NME.COM can reveal. The band are due to play the Reading leg of the Carling Weekend this afternoon, just before headliners Foo Fighters. In an exclusive NME.COM interview, the Muse frontman said that this evening's gig will mark the end of an era for the band, so they can concentrate on writing and recording new material in London. "We're playing two new ones tonight", he said. "(Some of the new songs) are extremely uplifting...I've fallen in love, know what I mean?!"One that will be played tonight has a working title of 'The Smallprint', a song described as one of the rockier new songs. However, he warned that not all Muse's third album will be so straightforward, saying some of the new tracks "sound like ABBA!"

lien Kerrang Awards 2002, New song

24.08.2002 - 03:52 UTC+0 // Source : // Thanks : Chris, Crazybob

Muse who won last years 'best english band' Award at the Kerrang Awards 2001 ceremony (as they competed with Ash, Craddle of Filth, Feeder and the Stereophonics) is nominated again this year in the 'best english live band' category with the Lost Prophets, Hundred Reasons, A and Raging Speedhorn.

The band played another new song at the 'Avenches' Festival last week. So 5 new wongs have lately been performed in concert : TSP/Action Faust, Emergency, I Want You Now, Get a grip and Rusty One. You can read in several magazines that about 12 songs have already been written till now, but Matthew expressed his will to make a more personal record (contrary to OOS that had been written on tour.)...

lien Interview, hoax

14.08.2002 - 03:47 UTC+0 // Source : // Thanks : -

Here is a video interview of Dom and Chris (5mn30). Click on 'Ilosaarirock 2002 : Muse'...

Since a couple of days, some promo trailers (on the internet and on WinMx) can be seen concerning Muse's next album, including some studio songs extracts.The record would be entitled' Universal Melodies'. Those trailers are nothing but hoaxes played by fans.

lien Hosting, charts, future

12.08.2002 - 03:42 UTC+0 // Source : // Thanks : -

Microcuts is back at last, for a long time I hope. As you must have noticed, I took advantage of the hosting's problems to lightly change the design of the site. Let me remind you that Microcuts is a free website which is being hosted on quite expensive servers. Unfortunately, the only incomes to finance the hosting come from the french advertising. Thank you for visiting Microcuts' sponsors. Thanks to all those who wrote me to show their support as the site was down, even if I couldn't answer everyone.

Here is a little summary of Muse's recent news (while the site was closed) :

'Hullabaloo' double CD and double DVD are at last available. On 'Hullabaloo' live CD you can hear a hidden track which is the live intro ('What's he building' by Tom Waits). To hear it, simply rewind the first track - <<-

Muse's 3rd record is expected for spring 2003(at the earliest).

On the french editions of 'Dead Star' and 'In Your World' singles, the videos have somehow been forgotten during the pressing of the CDs. The record Company Naive should soon propose an exchange. We'll keep you informed... You can still download those videos from the Multimedia section of the site.

Muse may tour in Australia in October. The band may also be the guests on the metal band 'System Of A Down' s American Tour. All those news have to be confirmed.

Hullabaloo soundtrack - Global chart positions (first week)

France - 9
Germany - 47
Austria - 27
Norway - 26
Switzerland - 32
Holland - 23
Belgium - 15
United Kingdom - 10
Italy - 34
Ireland - 11
Japan - 90
Australia - 38
Israel - 9