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lien Dead star / in your world released

17.06.2002 - 03:38 UTC+0 // Source : // Thanks : -

Let me just remind you that today the singles 'In Your World' and 'Dead Star' have been released.

New look for Taste media's website...

lien Mtv2, Bass magazine, Australia

15.06.2002 - 03:31 UTC+0 // Source : // Thanks :

Muse Week end on Mtv2 :

Saturday, June 15
20:00 - Muse - MTV Live
20:30 - Muse Choose (Fave vids)
21:00 - Muse - A Documentary (MTV2 Premiere)
21:30 - Muse Videography
22:00 - Hullabaloo - Muse Live @ Le Zenith, Paris
(Shot in Germany UK TV Premiere of ever-before-seen live footage from the "Hullabaloo" DVD, which is released on 1st July 2002. It was shot with sixteen cameras, some strategically-placed on guitars, in Matt Bellamy's hair etc)

Sunday, June 16
20:00 - Muse Choose
20:30 - Muse - MTV Live
21:00 - Muse Videography
21:30 - Muse - A Documentary
22:00 - Hullabaloo - Muse Live @ Le Zenith, Paris

'Bass Guitar Magazine' have recognised the talent and excitement of Muse for some time and now are proud to feature Chris Wolstenholme as the cover artist of their second issue. Itís quite an exclusive and fans will be delighted to note the following; Interview is 7 pages long and all devoted to the bassist; Exclusive studio photo session commissioned including the cover shot; 6 stills taken from the new DVD Hullabaloo; Extensive feature on his bass gear and effects both now and from the early days; Issue 3 features a transcription of New Born!

The DVD Hullabaloo will be released in Australia on 1st july 2002.

lien Millionaire

12.06.2002 - 03:28 UTC+0 // Source : // Thanks : Crazybob

Dom and Chris, just like a big part of Muse 'staff were at Millionaire's concert, yesterday evening at the Metro Club, London.

Autograph 11.06.2002

Autograph 11.06.2002

On June the 13th, Muse will perform two acoustic songs on OUI FM.