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lien 2002 schedule

20.12.2001 - 01:00 UTC+0 // Source : // Thanks : Jessica

According to Dominic, the next 6 months will be devoted to rehearsing and writing new songs. Muse won't start recording the next album before summer.

Muse won't be playing in France before the next summer festivals; a U.S. tour is scheduled for Mars 2002.

Muse's DVD won't be released before May/June and will exclusively include Paris' concert (last october).

The site won't be updated during the two weeks coming, for a new version of the site is being prepared. Have a nice holiday and Merry Christmas to everyone!

lien Japanese box, Japan tour

10.12.2001 - 00:59 UTC+0 // Source : // Thanks : -

The songs 'Futurism' and 'Please please please let me get what i want' were performed during Japan tour.

A japanese box including 'Bliss', 'hypermusic/Feeling Good' and 'New Born' singles has lately been released.

- Hyper Music live
- Shine
- Feeling Good live
- Please Please Please Let me Get what I want
- Bliss
- The Gallery
- Screenager Live
- Hyper Chondriac Music
- New Born Live
- Shrinking Universe
- Piano Thing
- Map of your Head
- Plug in Baby Live
+New Born & Plug in Baby video
+ Bliss video
+ Hyper Music & Feeling Good Video