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lien Rumours, Matt's father, Tom Waits

20.11.2001 - 00:57 UTC+0 // Source : // Thanks : -

Muse will come back to France this summer for a few festivals and in May for a special unique concert.

Muse are said to have lately recorded 'In Your World' (that became 'My World'), 'Dead Star' and a new version of 'Plug in Baby'.

Some news of Matthew's father (George Bellamy) who still plays in a band called 'Rough terrain'. He's still in touch with Matt and has seen Muse in concert on november the 9th 2001 in Newport.

You can download the new [a]muse2 player on which you will find news, a chat and a little game...

The intro music of Muse 's last shows is an extract from the album 'mule variation' by Tom Waits : 'What's he building'.

lien Rumours

16.11.2001 - 00:56 UTC+0 // Source : // Thanks :

A rumour saying that Muse would play at the Zenith in Paris in April or May on the occasion of the release of their dvd circulates on the net...This information was denied by the band.

lien 'Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want

12.11.2001 - 00:54 UTC+0 // Source : // Thanks : -

'Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want', 'Hyper Music/Feeling Good' single's b-side will feature on 'Not another teen movie' Soundtrack :

- Muse'Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want' (cover of the Smith)
- Stone Temple Pilots "But Not Tonight " (Depeche Mode cover)
- Marily Manson "Tainted Love " ('Soft Cell ' cover)

lien Microcuts Team meet Matthew Bellamy

05.11.2001 - 00:46 UTC+0 // Source : Exclusively for // Thanks : Amélie

Here are a couple of little informations that I wrote down after a conversation with Matt at the aftershow in Montpellier (France), on October the 17th.These are only few brief notes on various subjects, but still it's interesting to know :

. Matthew highly recommends Millionnaire's last record.
. Matt is interested in new 'technological tones': He likes Björk very much, or still 'Amnesiac', Radiohead's last album. But he does'nt like 'Kid A ' at all.
. He's never met Radiohead, except Colin, the bass player who's very cool.
. He's bored of always being compared to Radiohead, especially since he doesn't consider that Muse and Rh play the same kind of music.But he takes it as a compliment.
. Matthew likes the Smashing Pumpkins very much. He's seen them live. His favorite record from the S.P. is 'Siamese Dream'.
. He loves Rage Against the Machine. He's seen them 10 times in concert!
. He likes the rock band K's Choice (especially their hit song 'not an addict' which he mutters marvellously :) ...He doesn't like the cranberries...
. Being famous doesn't prevent him from walking down the streets alone.Celebrity doesn't bother him much yet....
. Matt learnt to play the guitar by himself, and he thinks that's the best way to learn.Only later, a friend of his who was playing the guitar taught him some chords.It's the same for the piano, but Matt would like to improve...
. The song he enjoys playing the most is 'space dementia' because of the piano intro, but he's a bit bored of playing 'cave'.
. Matt doesn't mind spending monthes touring.He doesn't miss his home.He calls himself a gypsy:-) He loves being on the road.
. "Plug in Baby" criticizes today's new technologies (like the internet) which are supposed to encourage people to communicate but which actually seperates them .
. 'Bliss' 'video, juste like 'New Born' s lyrics, express the idea of leaving everything behind, forgetting your past, to start everything over again.Like a quest of purity or renewal...
. Matt likes going to the movies.But he still hasn't seen 'almost famous' (that I recommend to everyone!:-) ) though he's heard of it and will definitely watch it as soon as he can.
. Matt writes his songs at night.He's used to writing in the bus, after the concerts when they're on tour.
. He finds the song titles after having written the whole song (contrary to other songwriters, like Billy Corgan for example, who sometimes start with a title..)
. Matt likes classical music, but he doesn't plan to integrate violins to his songs (though many rock bands do).

lien Oos is Gold

01.11.2001 - 00:43 UTC+0 // Source : // Thanks : Lionel

Muse received a certified gold record after their concert at the Zenith, in Paris (OOS album). The DVD expected for april 2002 will mainly include this show's footage.