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23.02.2001 - 22:44 UTC+0 // Source : // Thanks : -

JJ72 will support Muse on April tour:

30/04 - Planet Music Vienna Austria
28/04 - Velvet Rimini Italy
27/04 - Palladium Rome Italy
26/04 - Magazzini Generali Milan Italy
24/04 - Bikini Barcelona Spain
23/04 - Caracol Madrid Spain
21/04 - Le Bikini Toulouse France
20/04 - Le Fri-son Fribourg Switzerland
17/04 - La Cigale Paris France
13/04 - 013 Tilburg Holland
12/04 - Paradiso Amsterdam Holland

Here is the setlist of the Radio 1 concert in London on 19/02/2001:

1. New Born
2. Hate This & I'll Love You
3. Showbiz
4. Feeling Good
5. Plug In Baby
6. Sunburn
7. Muscle Museum
8. New One (micro cuts)

lien Muse talk about the new album

15.02.2001 - 22:43 UTC+0 // Source : Channelfly - // Thanks :

New direction, new sound? Muse's Matt Bellamy has explained how the band have grown up over the past two years. Muse's Matt Bellamy has explained how the band have grown up over the past two years. Speaking in Music Week, Bellamy says that spending time on the road with the likes of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and the Foo Fighters has taught the band a lot about developing their sound: "When we did the first album we'd only done a few gigs in London, no major tours. We've learned so much about how we want to be from touring with other bands because of the way they are on stage." Talking about the songs they've already recorded for the eagerly-anticipated follow up to 1999's Showbiz album, Matt says that only two or three are acoustic-based and explains that, "if we recorded them in the way other bands do I'd be worried that it would sound the same as them. We've used wind chimes to set up entire backdrops... bits of bones, Llama claws and bubble wrap. It sounds much more atmospheric." So far, tracks in the can include Bliss, Hypermusic, Origin of Symmetry, Love Bleach, Shrinking Universe and Razor Song plus, of course, their forthcoming single, Plug In Baby, which hits the shops on March 5th through Mushroom.

lien First gig after studio sessions

14.02.2001 - 22:37 UTC+0 // Source : // Thanks : Xfm

Here is the setlist played at the XFM show on 12/02/2001 in London:

01. Citizen Erased
02. Sunburn
03. Showbiz
04. Feeling Good
05. New Born
06. Cave
07. Muscle Museum
08. Plug In Baby
09. A New One (micro cuts)

Dominic Howard told to Xfm : "The album's sort of three quarters of the way done, we've been recording with John Leckie which went well, and finished off most of the tracks. We're up in London at the moment - we're going to go to another studio which is on a boat. I think it's owned by one of the guys out of Pink Floyd and it used to be a place where Charlie Chaplin used to go and have parties or something - its just like a boat sitting on the Thames."

lien Plug in baby singles

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Here are the tracklists of the "plug in baby" singles :

1. Plug in baby
2. Nature 1
3. Execution commentary

1. Plug in baby
2. Spiral static
3. Bedroom acoustics