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lien New official website expected

28.07.2000 - 21:02 UTC+0 // Source : // Thanks : -

A new Muse official website will be up within 8 weeks (to replace the current one).

lien Next album release & rumours

25.07.2000 - 20:55 UTC+0 // Source : // Thanks : -

The next album may be released on November/December. Recording could start in September in Boston (usa). Muse appeal to two producers (Andy Wallace), but major part of the cd should be autoproduced by the group. According to them the album will be darker, heavier, and more opened.

According to another source, the new album would be recorded in November/December and won't be released before April / May. According to Musclemuse the album would be recorded from November and should be released on february or march, 2001. The group would beggin a tour in France at the same time.

lien Next album

19.07.2000 - 20:52 UTC+0 // Source : // Thanks : Audrey

The first single extracted from the next album should be "plug in baby". The LP should contain "dark shines", "new born" (or new one), "natural disaster" (rearranged), "razor blades" (with another name).

lien Barfly Sessions

18.07.2000 - 20:16 UTC+0 // Source : // Thanks : -

Muse will be performing an early evening show at The Monarch, London, on August 1st. This is to be filmed, and will be shown as part of Channel 4's "4Later" season. "The Barfly Sessions" will be a 12 part series, and Muse are likely to feature alongside Coldplay in the same show. The first TV show will be on August 23rd.
Invites to the show are restricted to two per person and can only be obtained through by sending an SAE to this address:

Barfly Sessions
109x Regents Park Road

lien Studios

17.07.2000 - 20:51 UTC+0 // Source : // Thanks : -

Muse are currently booking studios to record new stuff.

lien Studios

17.07.2000 - 20:46 UTC+0 // Source : // Thanks :

Muse are currently booking studios to record new stuff.

lien Eurockéennes de Belfort 2000

17.07.2000 - 20:19 UTC+0 // Source : // Thanks : -

Here is the setlist played at the eurockeennes de Berlfort festival in France:
01. New One
02. Sober
03. Sunburn
04. Falling Down
05. Ashamed
06. Feeling Good
07. Unintended
08. Plug In Baby
09. Muscle Museum
10. Cave
11. Minimum
12. Showbiz (roughly speaking)

Before Showbiz Matt advised the crowd to see the Coldplay gig which took place 45 minutes later on another scene (Coldplay supported Muse on their june uk tour).