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lien "Muscle Museum" in the charts

29.11.1999 - 17:21 UTC+0 // Source : // Thanks : -

Congratulations to the lads for getting to number 43 in the UK chart with Muscle Museum. Each of their singles has now charted higher than the previous. This achievement is especially sweet, as Bush charted at number 46, and Supergrass only managed number 36. Muse are at number 6 in the independent chart, and are unfortunate not to be higher, as the last couple of weeks have seen releases by Cliff Richard and R Kelly which have both qualified as "independent" records.

lien 'Inrock' tour in France

13.11.1999 - 17:20 UTC+0 // Source : // Thanks : -

Matt's thoughts on the RHCP/Pavement tours, sent from somewhere in France : "The french tour has been a bit of a shock, a very nice shock, especially the gigs in Paris. We did an instore at a Virgin Megastore I think, and it was so packed they had to stop letting people in, and there were 100`s of people outside trying to get in. We did a gig on TV also, from MCM cafe.. and it was the same...about 500 inside and 500 outside trying to get in... the gig was fucking crazy, people falling all over the stage. Chilli Peppers in Hamburg was good - a bit scary playing to 12,000 people though. I think the French reaction is simply because we have sold 5 times as many records here than UK."

lien Uk gigs in december

11.11.1999 - 17:19 UTC+0 // Source : // Thanks : -

Muse will be playing 4 UK gigs in December, supporting 'Live'. See 'tour date' page for details. They will also be performing at the Lemon Grove (Exeter University) - keep a watch out for the date here soon.