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lien Muse in the US and "Showbiz" tracklist

05.08.1999 - 16:39 UTC+0 // Source : // Thanks : -

point.gif Muse have been going down a storm in the US of A, including a rammed, sweating, heaving, throbbing gig @ Brownies, where Anthony Kiedis of Red Hot Chili Peppers was among the crowd (possibly crowd surfing. possibly wearing a sock. possibly not. who cares, it's a great image.)

point.gif I asked Matt what he thought of Woodstock '99, and whether they got caught up in any of the violence: "Woodstock was great fun, but it was immensely hot there, I got sunburnt. The festival was badly laid out in my opinion, the stages were 2 miles apart and there was no atmosphere like you get at Glastonbury. I think the riots started because people were getting treated like cattle... We saw something brewing while we were there i.e. lots of people crowding together and chanting and banging drums, it was like a football crowd."

point.gif They are flying to Dusseldorf on Friday after playing the WEA convention in the morning to do the Haldern Festival over there. They're then allowed a brief break and then it's La Route Du Rock @ St Malo, France, before The Borderline in London on the 18th, another German festy (Popkomm), followed by Reading and Leeds.

point.gif Here's the full tracklisting and timings for the album SHOWBIZ. Some of the tracks have appeared on Muse's previously released EPs, but have been re-recorded or remixed for the album.

1. Sunburn 3:54
2. Muscle Museum 4:23
3. Fillip 3:50
4. Falling Down 4:34
5. Cave 4:46
6. Showbiz 5:16
7. Unintended 3:57
8. Uno 3:38
9. Escape 3:31
10. Sober 4:04
11. Overdue 2:26
12. Hate this an i'll love You 5:18