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lien Chris' Hand Injury, New Download Single

16.08.2004 - 20:10 UTC+0 // Source :

Latest Press Release from MUSE regarding Chris' hand injury. As reported on various music websites over the weekend, MUSE’s bass player Chris Wolstenholme sustained an injury to his hand in a fall at the tail end of last week whilst on tour in the US. This meant that the band had to cut short their participation in Curiosa (the travelling festival helmed by The Cure) – of which they had been headlining the Second Stage. The touring party returned home on Saturday and Chris and his management immediately sought medical advice on the injury. They are at present awaiting test results and further medical counsel regarding the injury. The band is also currently investigating other alternatives should Chris not be able to take to the stage this weekend for their headlining slot at the V2004 festival in Chelmsford and Stafford.

2nd MUSE download single release. We can announce that MUSE are releasing another download single. Just over a year since MUSE released the 'Stockholm Syndrome' download, it is still one of the most successful download singles ever to be released in the UK! With your help, we can repeat this success with the new download which will be released on 23rd August. The track to be released is 'Apocalypse Please' recorded live during the band's awesome appearance at Glastonbury this year. Unlike Stockholm Syndrome, the track will only be available from Oxfam's digital music store BIG NOISE MUSIC and approximately 70p per download will go directly to Oxfam.

This release will coincide with the first official download chart which will be broadcast live on Radio 1 on Wednesday 1st September, so if you want to donate a bit of money to charity and help MUSE to their rightful place at the top of the download chart, then make sure you visit BIG NOISE MUSIC from Monday 23rd August to Saturday 29th August to buy the track! Also, make sure you check out The Guardian's website next week where you will also have the chance to win a MUSE branded Creative Labs Digital Music Player to play the track through, one of only five in existence!

Butterflies & Hurricanes single release. We can also confirm that MUSE will be releasing 'Butterflies and Hurricanes' as their next single on Monday 20th September. The single will be available on CD, DVD and 7" and will come with a cool interactive remix element. Keep checking the website to see the new video.