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17.07.2003 - 18:34 UTC+0 // Source : // Thanks : -

The song "Hysteria", track 8 on the next album 'Absolution', has already been played live during the 2002 tour. It was known as "i want you now". "Apocalypse Please" was also known as "Emergency".

Muse's next single 'Time Is Running Out' will be exclusively featured on muse-official website on 18/07/2003. You will find an extract of the track in the audio section.

Stockholm Syndrome is performing well. Although download singles are not chart eligable, if they were the track would currently be inside the Top 20 in this week's midweek chart. Thanks very much for your support with Stockholm Syndrome over the last few days.

'Absolution' will be released on September the 15th in Japan with an exclusive track ("Fury") as the previous Japanese Muse album.